New Frankenweenie Featurette and Free Science Experiment Activity Sheets

As movies go, this one is easily classified as a “boy” movie. Not saying that girls will not enjoy it too, but come on. A boy raising his dog from the dead and all kids of goblins and ghouls? Definitely one for the boys. That is why my boys are anxiously waiting its arrival. Check out this great new Frankenweenie featurette that was just released as well as some awesome free science experiment activity sheets that can keep the kids busy. Oh yeah, and I threw in some newly released Wreck-It Ralph character photos for good measure, another great movie we are looking forward to seeing!

Download the Frankenweenie activity sheets here.

Frankenweenie Featurette

Wreck-It Ralph New Character Posters


  1. MY daughter is really anxiously awaiting this film she likes the strange and unusual and especially scary and funny

  2. My son is looking forward to the movie. He will love these activity sheets! Thanks!
    name on RC is Rachel Ellis

  3. All the reviews I have sen of this movie makes it look like a fun one and I like the timing of the release!

    ellen beck on RC form

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