North Pole Breakfast 2013!

Some of you may have seen photos or pins on Pinterest of adorable North Pole Breakfast designed to usher in the start of the holiday season and the arrival of the ever mischevous Elf on the Shelf. These breakfasts generally take place on December 1st, but since we were our of town and because I may or may not have forgotten where our friendly elf Chipey disappeared to last Christmas Eve, we had ours this morning. Hey, better late than never right? After two hours of searching for Chipey last night, I finally decided around 9:30 to put together a North Pole Breakfast, and this was the result. Not bad for a few hours of planning.


  1. It looks awesome can't believe that is short notice and totally love that last photo. You are such a good mom!!

  2. Adorable concept and what a great treat for the kids! I think I may implement something special like this as well.

  3. How cool! You did an amazing job! I kind of hate I missed out on the whole elf on the shelf phenomenon, but since my son is too old, I'll just enjoy seeing all the pics on instagram, pinterest, and blogs. 🙂

  4. OH yum I love the Marshmallow Snowman that is Super cute!!!! Looks like a really fun North Pole Breakfast!

  5. That is hot cocoa in the glasses and then green vanilla pudding topped with whipped cream and sprinkles on top in the red and green cups.

  6. That just looks like so much fun and those pancakes are really, really fun. I want to come and have breakfast at the North Pole with you!

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