“Not Me” Monday!

What a morning this has been! So, when searching for the perfect meme today, I could not help but participate in “Not Me” Monday. This post is going to be a little shorter than others and you will see why in a minute. My original plan was to drop the oldest 3 off at summer camp, come home write some articles for work and then place another giveaway on the blog. What I ended up doing is running head first into a “Not Me” moment.

“Not Me,” I didn’t trip over my own sandal walking UP the stairs and break two fingers and my hand today. I swear it wasn’t me!

Unfortunately, it is me and it was my right hand, so now I am left typing, taking care of kids and living with one hand for several weeks. Excuse the old shirt in the pic, I had planned a nice quiet day working from home lol. The giveaway will be up later as promised, but for now I am going to take a nap and not wear sandals. 🙂

Mckmama- Not Me Monday


  1. I feel your pain. Because 2 weeks ago, I DID NOT fall and break my right ankle. I was not trying to take a short cut putting a carseat in my van when all of this happened!! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Thanks for the support Tracie. I have NOT done that as well, only mine was the left ankle. I hope your ankle heals well and quickly.

  3. Oh no… this sounds like the kind of things that happen to me! I hope you heal quickly (and as painlessly as possible). I know when I broke my finger, I hadn't realized how much that hand really helped me out throughout the day.

  4. oh no!! so sorry- broken bones are definitely not fun, especially with kids to take care of~ Get well soon!

  5. Oh no! I actually broke my foot in two places a few years ago by simply falling down two steps. It was so embarrassing due to the conversation going like this:
    What happened?
    I fell down the stairs
    Oh no! What did you trip over?
    Nothing, I am just that graceful.

    LOL, I hope you heal quickly!

    Oh and I wanted to let you know how much I love reading your blog by giving you an award:

  6. Oh no! A blogger's tool is her fingers. Why couldn't it have been a toe?

    Now there's an idea. . . necessity is the mother of invention. Maybe you can learn how to type with your feet and produce TWICE as many blog entries after your fingers heal!

    (Sorry! I always try to look on the bright side, but it's very difficult to find some beam of light when a mother breaks her fingers. It was my best effort.)

    Hope you heal completely and quickly.

  7. I cannot think all of you enough. All of your kind words have truly made a crummy day better! Thanks so much for wishing me well and trying to cheer me up.

    Emily, thanks so much for the award, you are too kind and I will be passing it along tonight. Cassiopeia, I will have to definitely take your advice and learn how to type with my toes. It would go a lot faster than this lol. Have a great night all of you!

  8. oh no! hope it heals fast…thanks for stopping by my blog. and congrats on your blog award~that is awesome! much love and blessings~ erin

  9. I was wondering if there was some split personalities at work Erin lol. Thanks for the well wishes though. I am sure it will heal just fine.

  10. That sounds like something I would "never" do. lol I have fallen down the stairs and up the stairs on multiple occasions. I'm sorry to hear your broke your hand though! How terrible 🙁 I hope it heals quickly!

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