Of Bloggers and Bucket Lists

My roommates, my sister and I in front of the fountain near the entrance to Central Park.

I have been in New York for BlogHer since Wednesday of last week. My sister came along and we had an absolute blast at the conference and around the city. I am currently sitting in the Tampa airport waiting to check-in for my final flight home and wanted to post a quick update. While in New York, I crossed quite a few items off my bucket list and we have already made plans to return for a trip in the future! It was a blast and I hope to share more with all of you in the coming week. What were those bucket list items?

1. I visited New York. I have always wanted to go and now I can say I have been.

2. I road on the Subway. It is confusing and I have no idea how you can go down one flight of stairs on the way down and then have to walk up 5 flights on the way out, but it was a cool experience.

3. I visited Ground Zero. It is a sobering experience, but one that I had wanted to have.

4. I ate a slice of real NYC cheesecake. It was red velvet and it was absolutely delicious, even if I did have to share with my sister.

5. I saw the Statue of Liberty, a must do for anyone.

6. I saw the Naked Cowboy and got a hilarious picture of my sister with him.

7. I survived a NYC cab ride.

8. I took a carriage ride through Central Park like you see in those movies and it was so fun!

9. I saw a Broadway show. It was End of the Rainbow and it was hilarious and absolutely outstanding.

10. I ate street meat and now I know why people stand in line for hours just to get a bite. Yum!

Have you been to New York? What bucket list items did you check off?


  1. Sounds like you made the most of your time there! I want to go back one day since I only spent 24 there.

  2. So glad you had a fantabulous time!
    I have been to NYC a few times and really didn't like it.
    I have never gotten to see the Statue of Liberty (which I wanted to do) and I went before 9/11.
    I think you look absolutely amazing, I cannot believe you just had a baby a few weeks ago – incredible!! I also cannot believe how much your sister looks like your mom. =)

  3. I didn't have the chance to do anything in the city this time, but wow, you sure did! I'm so glad!

    As always, I LOVE seeing you!

  4. I've never been to NY, but hope to someday. Have a great friend I've made online that I would love to meet there. I'm glad you had such a great time!

  5. Lorie, you are too sweet. It really was an amazing time. Liz, the only reason we got so much done is because we came in on Wednesday afternoon and stayed until late on Sunday. We got most of the stuff done on Sunday, but did the Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building and Central Park on Thursday morning.

  6. Sounds like you had the BEST time! I love the list of things you did!! You must have been so busy!!

  7. I know how you feel. We saw the Statue, survived the cab ride, almost lost a child on the subway, visited ground zero, and enjoyed our first time ever in NYC

  8. The Naked Cowboy was something I seen a couple times this past weekend. I wish I would have got to see the Statue of Liberty. Maybe next time!

  9. yes I've been to NYC twice and LOVED everything about it. There is still so much I want to do there but I will go back definitely. We got our pic with the naked cowboy as well when we went the last time.

  10. Loved experiencing some of those items on your Bucket List as your BlogHer12 roommate! The carriage ride was one of my favs! Getting to shop at Macy's on 34th street, and going on a trip without my family (that sounds awful – but really I needed it!)

  11. I seen the Naked Cowboy too and survived a cab ride. I need to go back to NYC though because there is so much I haven't seen yet.

  12. It sounds like you had a fabulous time… I'm so glad you did, we all need a break now and again to remind us that all work is NOT the way to be..play is necessary!!

  13. It sounds like you accomplished quite a bit while you were there! Looks like you had fun! I have never been to NY but would like to go at least once in my life.

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