One Stop Shopping for Your Furry Friends at the Walmart Purina® Pet Park

This post brought to you by Purina. All opinions are 100% mine.

We have a lot of furry friends in our house, two indoor cats, one outdoor cat, the best dog in the world, a ferret and even a fish, who is not at all furry. These little critters have become like members of our family and we want only the best for them. Our dog Doodle is a Labradoodle and is absolutely the best dog in the entire world, she definitely deserves nothing but the best and we strive to give that to her.

{The Walmart Purina® Pet Park Showcase} has developed the new Purina® Pet Park showcase that is a one stop shop for all your pet care needs. There you can find new pet games, apps and tools. Informative articles are available on topics like how to make homemade cat toys, tips for traveling with your pet and even instructions on how to train your pet. The “Real Pet Stories” videos are heartwarming and so sweet to watch too.

Another fun aspect of the Walmart Purina® Pet Park Showcase are the interactive games. Some of them are a ton of fun and pretty darn addictive. My favorite part is the apps section though. There you can download cool apps like the Petometer that let you track miles walked, schedule exercise and other great activities to keep you and your furry friend active.

In addition to all that informative fun, you can also browse a wide range of Purina® products that are available for your pets from Walmart. Find out which products best meet your pet’s needs and even place an order from the comfort of your home. Stop by the Walmart Purina® Pet Park Showcase today to see everything they have to offer for you and the fur babies in your lives.


  1. That sounds awesome! The homemade toys would be fun. You guys have a lot of animals! We only have a dog.

  2. No pets in our house at the dismay of my daughter but that kitten is adorable.

  3. we have our thoughts on a itty bitty kitty right now and hope that we'll be able to pick one up soon. Its been 6 yrs since we had a pet

  4. Aww! We use to shop at Walmart when we had pets. They always have the best prices

  5. Games, apps, and tools for cats owners at Walmart? I learn new things every day!

  6. We have a little doggy in our house and if I can find less expensive supplies, I'm all for it.

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