Organization Ideas for Every Room of Your Home

The New Year is only a few days away, and I have decided to choose a new resolution this year. Of course, there is the old handy dandy “lose weight” resolution, but who wants to deal with that dirty old thing anymore. How about I choose one that has more of a chance of actually getting accomplished, like organizing our house? My house stays pretty clean throughout the year, but there are always those areas in each room of the home that become cluttered and must be cleaned out often. For instance, I am in a long term battle with the pots, pans and lids in the kitchen, as well as the towels and blankets in the linen closet. Don’t even get me started on the boy’s rooms. Seems to me, what this house needs this year is so good organization. Check out these awesome ideas I found!

The Kitchen

The Bathroom
The Bedroom
Living Room

Kid’s Room

Laundry Room
Garage Organization


  1. These are such great ideas! I actually have a few of those shoe holders on the back of my doors for organization.

  2. I decided that too Robin, there was another idea I ran across where they used mostly bins from the dollar store though that were tall enough to hide the clutter of the bags and boxes in them. They were labeled and categorized, I think that would be more budget friendly.

  3. This is going to be SUCH a helpful post for me this year as I have the same goal. I see so many ideas already that I can totally tackle in my house. Thanks for this!

  4. I want to make the plunge and ensure our flours, sugars, dog food, dry cereals, etc are all in snap containers this year! Seems like a good place to start.

  5. I really need to get organized with our laundry!! We are 5 in our family and our problem are the towels!! My teenage boy uses one clean towel for his daily shower and although he does his own laundry he has a mountain of them in his room!! What I did was to take out all the old towels and just leave 2 towels for him, 1 towel for my daughter, 1 for the baby and 3 towels for mom and dad. The socks is not and issue for us, everyone takes care of their own socks. I use a mesh bag for the baby’s socks and I take care of my husbands socks. Thanks for the ideas of organizing laundry day I will put them to the test.

  6. Thanks for featuring my bath tub toy storage! So many other great ideas here! Thanks for compiling all of them for inspiration!

  7. It is a fantastic idea Angela!

    Amanda, just just gave me a fantastic idea. My youngest is 8 and could do his own laundry with assistance I think. If I gave each child their own laundry basket and assigned them each their own day of the week to do their laundry, I could save a ton of time and finally clear off my couch once and for all!

  8. I was almost sold on the things to hold pots and pans, but then I was thinking, all my pots and pans are so big. I have 3 kids and those little dinky things do not hold enough food to feed 5 people. I have a 12qt pot that doesn't fit in any one cabinet. I guess I'm back to the creative drawing board. Maybe I'll figure it out when I get out of rentals into a house.

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