Pillow Pets Review and Giveaway

Pillow Pets were a big deal last holiday season and many parents were worried about not being able to get one for their child because of the demand being so high. My youngest has been begging for a lady bug Pillow Pet for months and would ask me for one each time the familiar commercial came on TV. Imagine how happy I was when I was given the opportunity to review our choice of Pillow Pet.

My son of course chose a lady bug and has been absolutely smitten with it since it arrived in its “home.” By the way, we have had to keep this so called home around because that is where the lady bug likes to live. Yes, he has an overactive imagination at times.

{In Their Words}

“Made of ultra-soft chenille, My Pillow Pets®plush folding stuffed animals are much more than a snuggly toy. With a strap that closes underneath to transform the pillow into a friendly pet, they are an ideal travel pal, naptime buddy and all-around cuddly friend. My Pillow Pets® plush folding stuffed animals are available in 20 different animals including jungle animals, farm critters and sea creatures.

Jennifer Telfer, creator of My Pillow Pets® plush folding stuffed animals and a mother of two, says that the animals are sweeping the nation because they are always ready for an adventure or to welcome a tired head. “My Pillow Pets®plush folding stuffed animals don’t eat anything, can stay up late, comfort children day or night and can be a piece of ‘home’ that takes up less space than a pillow AND a stuffed animal if families are on the go,” said Telfer.

Given the overwhelming demand for My Pillow Pets®plush folding stuffed animals last holiday season, Telfer advises gift-givers to order now to ensure that the children in their lives receive their first choice and avoid the sold out circumstances that My Pillow Pets®faced in November and December of 2009. “

{My Take}
Anything that puts a smile on my baby’s face is a good thing in my book, but there really isn’t anything not to love about My Pillow Pets. They are uber soft, cuddly, transformable, and best of all, they don’t make NOISE! As a mom of four boys and multiple animals, anything that can satisfy the children without adding to the noise level in the house is a plus.
My youngest Jase adores his new lady bug friend and they can often be found lying together in front of the TV catching up on the latest episodes of Scoobie Doo. He also loves to interact with it and use his imagination to create different play scenarios.

There are tons of different pets available and I particularly love the penguin and frog, but any child is sure to find one that they love. The pets are machine washable and I can attest to the fact that they do in fact come clean and do not fall apart in the washer as we had to try it out when our lady bug decided to try some chocolate milk.
If I had to mention anything that could possibly be improved with My Pillow Pets, it is that it can sometimes be hard for his little hands to get the lady bug to transform back into a pet by fastening the strap at the bottom. That is a minor issue though and one that is easily fixed with a little help from super mommy.
{Buy It}
My Pillow Pets make an extremely affordable gift for anyone on your list this holiday season and are great for birthdays as well. You can also save more if you buy more than one at a time. At GetPillowPets.com, the first pet is only $19.95 plus shipping and then each additional Pillow Pet is only $15.95 with an additional $5.95 shipping charge.

*I am disclosing that I received a Pillow Pet for the purpose of review. However, all words and opinions expressed above were entirely my own and were not influenced by any other means.


  1. We want the cozy cow there's something comforting about a black and white cow.
    Theresa N

  2. I'd like to get my little girl the ladybug pillow pet this year. I also want to get my bigger girl the piggy but they sell the ladybug at our walmart

  3. My favorite Pillow Pet is the Perky Penguin.
    Fun giveaway – thank you for the chance to win! 🙂
    tyson 2468 (at) charter (dot) net

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  5. It is such a tough choice because they are all so darling. I guess it depends on which of my kids I am thinking of = my son loves friendly frog, my daughter loves magical unicorn.

  6. My favorite? What does that count for next to my granddaughter's favorite? She loves Ms. Lady Bug so that has to be my favorite, too.

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