Preparing for Your Day No Matter What it May Bring

This post brought to you by Johnson & Johnson. All opinions are 100% mine.

Let me just say this, when you live with four boys, you never know what your day might hold. You never know what surprises may be lurking around the corner, and I have learned throughout the 13 years that I have been a mom, to always be prepared. Prepared for what you say? For anything. Yes, I literally mean anything! Sam’s Club is an instrumental tool in helping moms be prepared with the Johnson & Johnson: Prepare for the Day campaign, where you can get amazing deals on your favorite Johnson and Johnson products.

What do I mean by this? Well, they offer a ton of your products for less, and these can help save you in even the most unfamiliar of circumstances. For instance, when I took the boys to the Southwest this past summer and the weather was so dry, I had no idea that their skin would suffer terribly from the lack of humidity that we are so used to here in Florida. Within a week or two they were dried up like little prunes and hurting with cracked dry skin. Lubriderm® Daily Moisture Lotion really saved our lives and helped to restore the moisture and get rid of their chapped skin. One place I know I can always find this lotion in stock and at a great price is Sam’s Club, and they just happen to be conveniently located throughout the country.

The same goes for when I am running low on SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener Packs and desperately do not want to give in and drink a glass of tea that has hundreds of calories in it. So, I always try to be prepared and keep plenty on hand. Peparing for the day and the unexpected isn’t an easy task, but Sam’s Club can make it a little easier with their great selection of products at everyday low prices.

What is your favorite for being prepared for the day?


  1. I also live with four boys, and one teenage girl and two dogs. My kids all seem to have dry skin, so we always have Lubriderm® Daily Moisture Lotion on hand. It's also the only lotion my sister will purchase, so she usually gives me huge bottles a couple times per year. It sure has saved us.

  2. Some days I think I'm going to self-destruct – what keeps me sane is Sam's Club sized bottles of Tylenol … extra stength LOL!

  3. Having the basics on hand is always important – it makes for an not-so-fun start to the day if I'm out of something essential!

  4. I always make sure to have plenty of the essentials on hand such as bottled water, toilet paper, milk and bread. Coffee is also a must! Without coffee, I am useless all day long.

  5. We only have 2 boys here (3 if you count the hubby, might as well) and can totally relate to needing to be prepared for everything

  6. I love to start my day with coffee and a bible study. The days I forget the later, it seems like I am not as calm cool an collected as the days I do it.

  7. I start my day out with a bible study. It gets my head and heart where it needs to be to deal with everything in my day.

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