Protect Your Teens Online with the New WebSafety App

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The teenage years are all about testing limits and exploring new freedoms. The years a parent spends raising a teenager are spent worrying and wondering whether your child is safe and upholding the values you taught them. Unfortunately, technology and the online world has added a whole new element to being a teenager, 80% of teenagers use a cell phone regularly, and 71% of teens say they hide their online activity from the parents. That means that 71% of teens are exposing themselves to cyberbulling, predators and other dangerous activities that could have long-term lasting effects on their lives. What’s a parent to do?

About the WebSafety App

WebSafety understands a parents desire to keep an eye on their teens online actions without coming across as too overbearing. The WebSafety app allows parents to monitor their teen’s online behavior without causing arguments or confrontation to do it. What does it do?

The Dashboard

The WebSafety dashboard provides parents with an overview of their child’s online activities.

Monitors Apps

Want to know what apps your child is downloading? This app can provide you with details about each app downloaded, along with notes and suggestions from WebSafety.

Allows Monitoring of Text Messages

This does not have to mean a full-blown invasion of privacy. While you can place settings that allow you to read all messages, you can also set up alerts to only show you messages with key words or from certain people.

Monitors Websites

This won’t tell you everywhere your child has been online, but it will flag URL’s that are for adult websites and contain inappropriate content, and alert you that your child is using them.

See Social Media Actions

Worried about photos your child might be uploading to social media networks, or that they might be a victim of cyberbullying? WebSafety can give you access to all uploaded photos, as well as scan for certain words.

Implement a Curfew

Don’t want your teen online after a certain time? Implement a curfew with the WebSafety app, and they will receive after hours use notices.

Cool right? I know some will look at this as an invasion of privacy, but I am one parent that believes trust is a two way street. I am okay with giving freedom and trusting to a degree, I also realize that until my child turns 18, it is my job to keep them safe. So, I see nothing wrong with scanning for key information that could mean my child is acting inappropriately online. That is what I love about the WebSafety app, you and your child can sit down and set limits you are both comfortable with together!

The WebSafety App is available now on Android phones through the Google Play store starting at $3.99, and the first 25,000 subscribers will receive 50% off their 6 month or year long subscription. The app is expected to release on iOS in early 2015, so stay tuned.


  1. This is awesome. My kids are too young to be on the computer right now, but this will be great in a few years.

  2. This will be perfect for my daughter. I am always searching everything she looks up, so far Just country music and such.

  3. This looks like a wonderful app for parents and one that I could really use! My older kids use the computer often now and I need a good way to monitor what they are doing.

  4. I so need this. I just had a debate about asking kids to turn of their phones during a sleepover I was hosting. Think kids need to be kids and not interact more in person.

  5. I'm so glad my kids grew up before all of this was necessary. It's definitely a scary world out there, and this looks like a great app to stay on top of things.

  6. I told Dawn about this app – she is checking it out. Perfect app to make sure as a Mom she knows what is going on.

  7. I love this – I could really use an app like this with my kids. Many times I have checked their social media and something they consider perfectly harmless I delete and explain why it's not harmless. I am pretty vigilant, but an app like this can take some of the burden off me.

  8. My oldest is 9 and has not been on the internet thankfully but this is good to know for when he does venture to the internet.

  9. This is great. I'm so glad that people are developing tools like this to help parents keep their children safe online.

  10. I'm glad my kids grew up before all this was even a *thing*. Scary stuff kids on the net these days!

  11. I trust my daughter but would love to have something like this on the computer for the times she decides to get adventurous.

  12. This is definitely helpful especially with the amount of horrible things that happen these days. It's great that safety like this has been developed.

  13. I really like this app. Having a "tween," I am become more and more aware of potential not so good behavior. This would help me monitor things.

    Christy H.

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