Pull Yourself Up by the Bootstraps and Keep Good Going

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“Pull yourself up by the bootstraps.” That is a phrase that has been ingrained in my head ever since I can remember. It is a phrase that became my mom’s fix-all solution to anything bad that might have befallen me in my life. When I found myself down on my luck, my mom would patiently listen, and then I knew the words that would come out of her mouth, “Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and keep on going.” She still uses these words on me to this day, and I have come to expect and find comfort in them.

When I saw the My Uncle’s Gift video above, that is part of New York Life’s Keep Good Going campaign, I knew I wanted to share a bit about the inspiration that comes from my family, and has made a difference in the way I live my life. That simple phrase uttered by my mom over and over throughout my life gave me the strength to understand I could overcome anything that might come my way. It meant I couldn’t have pity parties, there was no time to sit and worry, action had to be taken, and being strong and moving on was the only option. That is what I have done. Whether my mom knows it or not, that one phrase has turned me into a strong woman who has overcome more than her fair share of hardships, but the key is that I did overcome them, and came out all the stronger for it.

The legacy my mom will leave behind in me is that of hard work, perseverance and strength, even in the face of adversity. She passed all that on to me through a simple phrase, and I hope to do the same for my boys. When they are down and out and don’t seem to know what to do, I find myself now repeating that simple phrase I have heard so often in my life “Pull yourself up by the bootstraps.” Every family has a story of how they Keep Good Going. A legacy passed onto them by a family member or event that has happened in their lives. If you have a story of how you keep good going in your family, or one that can relate to the video in this post, I would love to hear it in the comments below. Learn more about how New York Life can help you and your family Keep Good Going.

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  1. No matter what we always gotta keep going, sometimes it is hard but in the end the sun does shine again!!

  2. I love this phrase. My mom use to say, get back on that horse and ride it. I am glad that you have this solid and good memory from your mom.

  3. Those are great to words to live by! This is the same type of philosophy my mom has taught me, as well. 🙂

  4. This is a great phrase and so very, very true, I think its great that your teaching your boys that!

  5. Having my grandparents immigrate to Canada from post World War II Germany with nothing in their pockets and only the clothes on their back, knowing no English and working their butts off to provide their children a better life and a future for the next generation always is inspiring to me to keep going when I think times are tough for me (even though in comparison it's nowhere near tough!).

  6. It can be tough, but you have to keep charging ahead. Giving up isn't an option when you have a family, for me anyways.

  7. My daughter is my everything and I always keep pulling up my bootstraps for her. In life we face challenges, but we can't lay down.~Toni~

  8. Such a true phrase. If we allow life to get us down, we will never truly experience life the way it is intended.

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