Red Hat Society Fondant Cake – What Do You Think?

I should first mention that this was my very first attempt at using fondant or making a creative cake of any kind. My mom’s 23rd anniversary of her 50th birthday is coming up soon and I wanted to do something special for her. I am not known for my creativity or craftiness, so the decision to make a detailed cake with fondant was not made lightly. Here are some pictures to help explain how it all went down.

I baked a white cake using two 8″ round pans.
Placed a thin layer of whipped butter cream on the bottom layer of the cake.
Added a layer of fresh sliced strawberries on top of the icing on the bottom layer.
Placed the top layer on the cake and added a thin layer of butter cream icing.
Kneaded the fondant in powdered sugar to make it more pliable.
Colored the fondant using Wilton gel color in red and purple.
At this point, I began to roll out the red fondant for the main covering of the cake. Things got a little dicey here, so unfortunately, I forgot to take more pictures. Once I added the red fondant to the cake, I smoothed it down and rolled out the purple fondant into a strip for the bottom of the hat. When everything was added, I cut off the excess red fondant from the edges and shaped them into waves with my fingers. A few flowers and an ostrich feather were added for some flare and the finished product was a Red Hat Society cake for my mom!

So, what do you think?


  1. Looks pretty good to me.. I have wanted to delve into the world of real cakes but just haven't had the time or resources yet… Good job!

  2. I think you did REALLY great! I love doing cakes but haven't been brave enough to do all fondant. Props to you babe! Your mom is gonna love it.

  3. Wow! That is totally awesome! I hope your mom loves it and I am totally sharing this with my friend who makes cakes!

  4. I think it looks great. I have trouble making a cake and using regular frosting much less attempt to use fondant but you've given me a bit of inspiration.

  5. Making it look pretty with the fondant was actually a lot easier than with frosting Dee. When I do frosting it just ends up messy and lumpy, but the fondant hides the imperfections lol.

  6. That's cute. 🙂 Hey visiting from the UBP. Thanks for stopping by my blog (Measuring Flower). And I know how Florida was — I went to college at Pensacola Christian College for 4 years, stayed the summer too! Try to keep cool. Have a great day!

  7. It looks awesome! Your mom is going ot love it 🙂 I've always wanted to try using fondant too, it looks like fun!

  8. Wow, thank looks good!Stopped by from Boost Your Buzz and I am now following you thru GFC. I am still kinda new to blogging with about 4 months so I still stumble some (like adding my twitter site, I put blog instead) but I am learning from those little mistakes. Stop by and say hello when you get a chance. Thanks.


  9. You are very talented. I have never tried fondant. You made it look fun though.
    I am a new follower from boost your buzz. Pleasure to find you through this fun event.
    from (review/giveaway blog)
    Please do drop by anytime.

  10. You made this???? wow. It's great! I need to invite you to do my son's birthday cake!!!

    Love your blog.

  11. Great job! I love working with fondant, it really makes a striking cake for a special occasion! I just posted a fondant cake I made for my daughter's bridal shower.

  12. I'm not sure how I missed this post, but just stumbled on it. You did an AMAZING job. I am so scared to do anything with fondant, not sure why. Awesome job girl!

  13. Now that is too cute. I love that you added the strawberries on the bottom layer. I bet it was YUMMY.

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