Sanity Saving Cleaning Tips for the New Year! #NewYearsClean

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Mr. Clean, all opinions are my own. 

Don’t you just love the squeaky clean “I can do anything” feeling that comes as you ring in the New Year? Yeah, me too until I wake up the next morning and feel like I was run over by a truck. No really, you have no idea, there was a man yelling “Amber” outside my bedroom door like some Rocky wannabe at 3 AM, not really conducive of sleep. I am on a mission this year though, and not even Mr. Rocky wannabe is going to throw me off. I have made a vow to get cleaner this year. Well, not me personally, but my home. Gone will be the never ending mound of laundry and those dirty little hiding places under the fridge. My house will be as clean as Times Square is this morning thanks to new Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle.

{Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle}

Mr. Clean has been a staple in our home for a long time. What can I say, I’ve got a thing for bald men, and with four boys and multiple pets running round, I can use all the cleaning power I can get. I was thrilled to learn about the new Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle product that is coming to stores this month. Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle’s gel formula penetrates dirt easier and cuts through grease faster, meaning less work for you. Yay, right? What mom has ever said “Oh, I wish I could have to scrub harder.”

The unique auto-stop cap also delivers just the right amount of product, ensuring no drop goes to waste. Apply it directly to tough cleaning jobs, or dilute it in water for more general surface or floor cleaning with no rinsing required. Want to see how it works? Mr. Clean brand ambassadors along with the “Accidental Housewife” Julie Edelman met up in Times Square this morning to help clean up after the biggest party of the year and clear out an estimated 40-50 tons of confetti.

{Cleaning Tips from the “Accidental Housewife”}

1. TACKLE HIGH TRAFFIC ZONES FIRST: Divide your home into MUST DO and CAN DO LATER zones. The must do’s are bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms which are bacteria, allergy (dust mites) and germ magnets AND should be cleaned regularly. Can do later zones are areas such as family rooms, guest bedrooms, and hallways.

2. SPREAD OUT CHORES THAT BORE: Once you’ve tidied up, make a weekly TAH–DO LIST  (as in The Accidental Housewife!) to keep rooms clean enough. If you follow up on little cleaning projects each week, you’ll be able to maintain a healthy and squeaky clean home, and manicures, all year long.

3. STREAMLINE YOUR CLEANING TOOLS WITH MULTI-TASKERS: There’s no need to have countless cleaning products clogging cabinets. Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle can be used directly on tough dirt or used as a dilute to handle big or small messes on hard surfaces such as tables, countertops, sinks, stoves and even floors.

4. ENLIST PINT-SIZED HELPERS: If you have young kids, they are perfect for helping with kid-friendly home-keeping chores like vacuuming and laundry. If you don’t have any children, I’m sure friends and family who do will be happy to lend out theirs so they can enjoy an hour or two of free time!

5. GIVE YOURSELF AN i.O.ME! Don’t wait for your birthday or Mother’s Day. Give yourself a ‘me day’ or at least a few ‘me’ hours. You’ll be amazed how it will give you a new perspective on that next load of laundry waiting for you!

Get your home #NewYearsClean and try out the new Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle to see how easy cleaning can be! For more information on this and other products, visit the Mr. Clean site!

What’s your New Years Resolution this year?


  1. I need to get Sweet T involved in helping out. Wonder what some appropriate expectations are for a 3 year old? Dusting maybe?

  2. My score this season for cleaning = 0 . I must remedy that for the new year and use some of these tips to help!

  3. It happened by accident, but our two-year old LOVES to help us clean. He even tries to push the vacuum, although it's still a bit heavy for him yet. 🙂

  4. See it pick it up, use it put it back! I keep trying to instill this into my hubby. I want to dedicate two days a week to just cleaning.. it's crazy around here!

  5. I've been really terrible about giving the little people jobs. I'm really going to work on that in 2014 because I can't do it all myself anymore.

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