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I have worn glasses since the 1st grade. Since then, my parents and then myself have spent several thousands of dollars on glasses. In fact, just last year I spent over $300 on a pair of glasses that are already falling apart. Shopping for new glasses is a hassle and usually involves me picking whatever pair I grab first to avoid trying on glasses while trying to keep the boys quiet. That is why I love, they allow you to shop for new eyeglasses and contact lenses from home and their frames are available at a fraction of the retail cost.

{What is} is an online retailer of glasses. Unlike other online retailers though, they are based here in the U.S., and they ship directly from Washington. That means you will not be waiting weeks for your new glasses. They have a huge selection too. Check out these two pairs that I have my eye on for when I get back from my camping trip.

Those frames would easily cost several hundred dollars each if bought at a local store, but they are only a fraction of that at They offer free shipping, have a selection that will meet anyone’s needs, and the ordering process is really simple and streamlined. Don’t like the frames or something happens to them? No worries, they offer a 366 day return period! What to know more? Check out this short video from them:

I will definitely be looking at when it comes time for my new frames. I have been looking for a local online retailer where I can get the savings of other overseas glasses retailers, but without the extra waiting time. It took me over 2 weeks to get my frames when I ordered from a different online company and that is just too long. If you are in need of new frames, check out and let me know which ones you choose!


  1. This reminds me to check their site again. I've been in need of some new prescription sunglasses!

  2. We have to get our eyes checked yet before we move, but I don't know if we'll have time to order glasses and have them come in time before we leave, so I'm going to bookmark this site, just in case we need to order them with our scripts later.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Hubby and I both need glasses right now – our vision coverage isn't much "coverage" after all 🙁

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