Schwinn Bikes for All Stages of Life (Sponsored Video)


We all remember the thrill of our first bike. Those vibrant colors, the shiny new metal and the experience of trying something new and exciting. Then, there was the bike you had as a pre-teen growing up. Mine was light blue. I can still remember cruising the streets of my neighborhood with my friends, passing that cute boy that lived in the house on the corner and not having a care in the world. Eventually, I grew up, got married and had children, but bikes have remained a part of our recreational lives. Now, I enjoy riding with my boys and sharing the same joy with them. That is the feeling Schwinn is trying to bring back with their new “Bike Life” video, which you can watch above.

The new Schwinn campaign focuses on bikes to suit your needs for each stage of life an boy do they have them. Schwinn has been a leader in the bike industry for as long as I can remember and the quality and pride they take in their product really shines through. You can visit the Schwinn site and find the perfect bike for any stage in your life, from adventurous riding on your own to leisurely family cycling with the kids. What is your best bike riding memory?

*This post was sponsored by Schwinn. 


  1. I was on my bike every single day all throughout the day. That's how we got anywhere as a kid. What wonderful memories, and yep, I had a Schwinn.

  2. We love Schwinn bikes! My kids could spend all day pedaling around.

  3. We went on family bike rides as a family and it is one of my favorite memories as a child. I look forward to starting them with my son.

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