Secrets of the Magic Kingdom You May Not Know + #Giveaway

The boys and I are off exploring Disney World this week. It is perhaps my favorite place in the world, but this is the first time we have been back in two years, and since the new Fantasyland expansion has been completed. I thought it would be fun to share some Disney World secrets with all of you and a special surprise $25 Disney Gift Card giveaway too!

Underground Tunnels

The park was actually built above ground level. Ground level was turned into a tunnel system that characters and workers can use to navigate around the park.


You will never have to walk around the park holding trash. Disney designed the park with trash cans every 30 steps after observing other parks to be sure that garbage disposal was done properly.

The park itself does not sell gum at all. This was done to prevent any gum from being all over the sidewalks and walkways. You’ll notice that there is no gum on the ground anywhere in the park (unless it was just put there).

The same tunnel system that workers and characters use to navigate the park also contains garbage chutes. The trash is essentially vacuumed to a central location to avoid dragging it all over the park, making disposal easy.

Changing Locations

When you walk into another “world” or area of the park you will notice that the appearance, noise, and cement color changes to distract you. This was all done intentionally by Walt. He wanted to make each area feel like a new park. There were design elements done with buildings and trees so that at no point can you see another area from the one you are currently in and facing.


There are a few phones in the park, however, one in particular in the candy shop of the Magic Kingdom has a unique quality. You can pick up the phone and you’ll hear a conversation between characters. If you ask the candy shop workers, they’ll say it’s the tenants upstairs.

Cinderella’s Castle

The castle was designed so that the pieces on bottom are literally larger than the top to fool the eye into thinking it’s larger than it actually is. If you look at the bricks on the top, they are really smaller than the ones on the bottom, but it looks as if it’s in perspective to create an optical illusion of size.

The castle isn’t actually made out of any bricks at all. It’s all made with fiberglass type materials and cement/steel insides. This has been said to have been done for the purpose of it lasting longer and not needing as much repair as brick would. As well as more easily creating the size illusion.

River Boats

Ask to ride in the pilothouse of the river boat for a pilot certificate. You can ride in the pilothouse and learn about how it works as well as receive a certification for being a pilot on the boat.

Park Size

You could fit the entire Disneyland Park in Disney Worlds parking lot. Disneyland was first created and is far smaller than Disney World.

You would still have room left over for 500 cars in that same parking lot.

They need that large parking lot as 52.5 million people visit the park annually, that’s a lot of cars year round!

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  1. My favorite Disney Character is Mickey Mouse. We share a birthday of sorts. The release date of Steamboat Willy was Nov. 18

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