Slow Cooker Mexican Fajita Steak

When looking for Crockpot meals that would freeze well and that my whole family would enjoy, I started looking for things with some flavor. Who needs some blah plain shredded chicken when you can  have some spice! This started as a recipe for actual fajitas, but I adapted it along with some other recipes to create something that could be served over rice. When freezing meals you do not know when you will actually eat them and I didn’t want to risk the tortillas going bad. This is not very spicy, so if you like spice feel free to add some chili powder to kick it up a notch.


2 lbs. Inexpensive thin cuts of steak. We used the steak already cut into strips in the meat department.
1 Packet of Fajita seasoning. If you like a peppier meal, you can add two packets.
1 Cup Red, Yellow and Orange peppers
1 Onion chopped into large pieces
1 Jar of Chunky Salsa

Step 1: Place the fajita seasoning into a gallon freezer bag with the jar of chunky salsa and squish around until mixed well.

Step 2: Place the remaining ingredients into the freezer bag. Freeze and remove the night before serving to thaw in the fridge. Cook in Crockpot on high for 4 hours and serve over rice.


  1. The only thing I would change would be……exchange the salsa for a can or 2 of ROTEL. Would do the same if using chicken.

  2. This was amazing. My boys don't even like peppers and onions, but they didn't pick them out! I served it on tortillas with a side of "Mexican Rice" (Rice mixed with salsa). It even reheated well.

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