Small Talk Six: T-shirts I’ve Read and Loved

This is my first shot at Small Talk Six, so hopefully I do it right :). This weeks topic is “T-shirts You’ve Read and Loved” and you can answer in 6 phrases, 6 pictures, 6 words, 6 videos, 6 paragraphs etc… I am going to go the photo route so enjoy and head on over and join in yourself! Warning: I am a sucker for “mommy” shirts.

“M.A.W. Mothers Against Whining”

” My Brother Did it! (kids’ t-shirt)”

“Who are these kids? And why are they calling me mommy?”

“Moms with boys go straight to heaven.” My Favorite!!!

Kid’s shirt.

How cute!


    1. My favorite is the moms with boys go straight to heaven. That is so true!! This is a fun topic this week 🙂

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