Smart Home Solutions for Everyone on Your Holiday Gift List #BringTheSleigh

I don’t know about you, but as much as I love the holidays, they are a really stressful time for me too. I love spending time with family and friends, but there always seem to be those “hard to shop for” people on my holiday gift list, and spending extra time with family means less time to get my work done. It is a balancing act that I find myself trying to perfect year after year. This year however, I am taking a step towards a stress-free holiday season with the help of the Sears Connected Solutions site, to not only help me pick the perfect gift for everyone on my list, but to help me manage stress-free smart home solutions for my own life.

Sears Connected Solutions

Sears has been a trusted provider of home products and solutions for decades, and now they are taking the fast track into the future to help bring smart home solutions to everyone, to help them solve problems, make life easier and save money. Sears has created the very first Connected Solutions store in San Bruno, CA. This flagship store features over 4,000 square feet of “smart home” showroom, designed to look just like rooms in your own home. Customers can walk through and see just how connected technology can help them and work in their daily lives. If you’re like me, and live nowhere near California, no worries, you can virtually walk through the Sears Connected Solutions San Bruno store online.

Have someone hard to shop for on your holiday gift list? Head on over to the Sears Connected Solutions site where you will find a breadth of connected solution products not found anywhere else. Sears is helping to bring this smart technology to mainstream America and not just to those early adopters. It is amazing what some of these products can do to help simplify your life and save you money in the long run. Are some of the people on your list not tech savvy? No worries, many of the products on the Sears Connected Solutions site take just 5 minutes or so to install, and if they aren’t willing or can’t install them on their own, Sears technicians are always available to install, give tech support or repair Connected Solutions Products.

Something for Everyone on Your List

I spent some time browsing the Sears Connected Solutions site and easily found something for everyone on my holiday shopping list. Check out just a few suggestions below.

The Outdoor Adventurer 

The Connected Cook

The Perpetual Mr. Fix It 
The Tech Lover 
The Tech Savvy Child
On the Sears Connected Solutions site, you can shop by brand, compatibility or by each room of the home, making it simple to find something that fits each person’s needs. 

I decided to give the site a try and purchase an early Christmas gift for our family, because the prices were just too good to pass up. I started in the virtual living room of the online San Bruno store, since the living room is where my family usually ends up for family time. 
I decided to look into Smart TV’s, since so many times, the movies my boys want to watch are on Netflix or Hulu, and we end up going on separate small electronics instead of spending quality time together. 
I was able to get a Samsung 32″ Smart TV for just $227! It arrived super quickly, and was able to be installed in just minutes. 
It has come in so handy already, allowing us to look for new Christmas movies on Netflix instead of the same 2 or 3 that are being shown over and over again on regular TV programming. I see so much potential for this Smart TV to help make our lives easier and to create more opportunities for family time in the future. It was a great first “smart home” purchase, and I am already looking into other Sears Connected Solutions for each room of the home. 

Still need to check some gifts off your holiday shopping list? Be sure to visit the Sears Connected Solutions website for the best and biggest selection of “smart home” technology across all categories!
Want a chance to help bring Connected Solutions into your own home? Enter the giveaway below for a $100 Sears Gift Card and you could win the chance to help bring some smart technology home for the holidays. Giveaway is open to US residents 18+ and ends 12/13/15. 

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  1. From Sears Connected Solutions site, if I won I would use the $100 Sears Gift card towards a NordicTrack T65Z treadmill.

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