So This is What 30 Feels Like

The cake my mom made for me!

You know what? It doesn’t feel any different than 29. In fact, it feels better. I woke up this morning as a 30 year old. I thought I would dread it, but it feels great! It is like I get to start over with a whole new decade of my life and the possibilities are endless. My 20’s kind of stunk. I was married young while still a teenager to someone who ended up being abusive and who used drugs. I struggled, I dug in my heels and it wasn’t until the end of my 20’s that I started to pull things together and really do well. Now, at 30, things look amazing and I cannot wait to see what lies ahead!

How did you feel when you turned 30? If you are still a youngster, are you looking forward to 30 or dreading it?


  1. I was ok with 30… I think I'm going to have a problem with 31. Thankfully it falls on Mother's Day so hopefully I'll be getting spoiled too much to realize. 😉

  2. Happy birthday! I dreaded it but am okay with it now. But I always say only 9 more years til 40 and that is going to go fast….

  3. I freaked a little back in March when I turned 30 but now I have settled into it. I freak out more that my next big milestone birthday is 40! YIKES!
    I am glad that I'm done with all of the 20's stuff like having kids, buying a house, etc…I'm ready for what comes next.

  4. Today is my birthday too!! Woohoo! Except I am not as young as you are! Happy birthday 🙂

  5. Hope you got my message I left on your phone. Hope everything is going well in MD…LOVE YOU….Old Lady…:) Gwen

  6. I had my crisis at 25. The rest have been easy peasy, and 35 feels like 30. Now, 36 on the other hand, which is looming, may not feel so great.

  7. Thanks ladies! Happy Birthday to you too Kim, you may be older than me, but you look younger and that is all that counts.

  8. Happy Late Birthday! And, I promise they only get better. If the 50s are the new 30s, then the 30s are like the teens. 😀

  9. Loved 30s, I had a big bash and started planning my third child! Loving the 40's even more since my kids are all grown and moved out, well they keep coming back! Nice cake, that is to funny! I love your mom 🙂

  10. Happy Birthday! 30 is still quite far for me so I haven't given it much thought- it's definitely not old though so I'm not too worried! 🙂

  11. Happy very belated birthday! I'm not liking my 30's. I swear my body saw 30 and decided to fall apart. I hear 40 is better.

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