Sponsored Video – Work it Kitty!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but cats aren’t always the most lively of creatures. Of course, kittens can jump, run and play with the best of them, but grown cats are often found lounging around in a window seat all day. Making sure they stay active and healthy can often be a chore. That is why Temptations Cat Treats have developed the Work It Kitty website. The site is inspired by the hilarious Work it Kitty video below, and is chock full of ways you can get your own cat active, and keep it healthy by serving up delicious Temptations Cat Treats to encourage your kitty to get moving!

Isn’t it hilarious? Seriously though, there are ways that you can get your cats to get a workout and stay fit. All you have to do is visit the Work it Kitty website and you can get the full aerobic workout experience for your kitty, as well as access to special promotions. The current one allows you to collect 5 UPC’s from Temptations treat packages and get a treat-dispensing exercise ball for your cat and a free tank top for you.

As soon as I get back home in a few days, I will definitely be trying some of these moves out on my own kitties. If nothing else, it will be a fun way to play with them and if they stay a little healthier, all the better!

How do you keep your pets active?

This post is sponsored by Temptations Cat Treats. 


  1. No cat here, but we run around our huge backyard with our Great Pyrenees chasing us. Well, at least my son does. 🙂

  2. Cat videos always crack me up. I miss having kitties in the house but alas, DH is allergic 🙁

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