Stay Hydrated This Summer with Kraft® Liquid Enhancers

This post brought to you by Kraft Liquid Enhancers. All opinions are 100% mine.

It is no secret that the boys and I are tromping around the United States for 50 days this summer. We are in a tent, and with the exception of our last two stops, temperatures have crawled over and above 100 degrees. That is why I have become a nagging mom, begging the boys to stay hydrated and get at least their eight glasses of water a day in. That however, is easier said than done.

I personally hate water. I have hated it for as long as I can remember and that is partly why I became addicted to Diet Coke. Over time, I made myself drink water and am not a fan of fruity drinks in general. When I got the chance to try the Crystal Light® Iced Tea Liquid Enhancer a few months ago, I was hooked. It tastes like yummy sweet tea with zero calories and helps me get my eight glasses a day in.

So, being the great mom that I am, I stopped trying to force the water down the boy’s throats and introduced them to the Kraft® Kool-Aid® Grape and Orange Liquid Enhancers. Now, they are hooked and that is what we use when camping. Each week I buy a bottle of each for them and for myself and I have no trouble trying to get them to stay hydrated and healthy in the heat.

Sam’s Club carries both Crystal Light® and Kool-Aid® Kraft® Liquid Enhancers at unbeatable prices! Now, you can stop fighting with the kids and yourself, and stay happy and hydrated through all your summer activities. Not only that, but the enhancers can be used to create flavored popsicles, ice cubs and other cool treats to help beat the heat. So head on over to Sam’s Club and pick up a Kraft® Liquid Enhancer or two and stay cool this summer!


  1. Water is my absolute favorite drink. Ice cold water to be exact. I'm one of those people who hate flavored water and always comment when my husband has to add flavors to his.

  2. I've tried the Crystal Light ones and love them (especially the Peach Bellini flavor), I never knew Kool-Aid had them too.

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