Surrogacy Cocktail Anyone?

If you are shocked by this post and feel like you are missing something, you may want to check out this post about me deciding to be a surrogate. I am matched with an amazing couple as I have mentioned in the past and we finally got date for our first and hopefully only transfer! Our transfer is set for the 24th or 26th of October, depending on whether we go with a 3 or 5 day transfer. My medicine arrived in the mail yesterday and feast your eyes on what is the surrogacy cocktail. Is wrong that I am really excited to see these needles? It means we are that much closer.

I start the Lupron shots on the 26th which are little insulin shots off to the right in the picture that go in your stomach once a day. I add in Delestrogen shots every three days on the 3rd which I already showed you a picture of a month or so ago. They are the larger needles on the far left in the picture. They are intramuscular and go in the upper outer quadrant of your booty. Last, I add in daily Progesterone in oil (PIO) shots around the 21st of Oct. and if everything goes well and I get a positive pregnancy test, those will continue until about 10 weeks pregnant. I have a screening appointment on the 3rd of Oct and also on the 17th to check my lining and levels and if all looks good, it is off to bake a baby!

If you have any questions about surrogacy, always feel free to ask. I am happy to answer them.


  1. I always LOVED when my meds would arrive! I have pictures and equate the excitement to being similar to Christmas! I'm so excited that things are moving forward. I'm here if YOU have questions. <3

  2. I had considered this in the past. I'm still not totally opposed to it. But seeing all those needles. Yikes, I don't know about that part

  3. Aww Nichol, don't feel bad. I had really easy pregnancies and deliveries, but definitely understand it is not that way for everyone.

    Angie, you get used to them after a while. I used to be horrible about needles, but when you know it is something you have to do and you get over the mental part of it, they aren't bad at all.

  4. I am beyond excited Dee, I can't wait to just sit back and enjoy pregnancy this time and have the added bonus of making two people's dream come true.

  5. How exciting!!!!!!! What a wonderful person you are, to be doing this for a family who longs for a little one!!! <3

  6. I never enjoyed being pregnant so surrogacy was never for me – But I have the highest admiration for you and other who do this. What am amazing gift to share with other families.

  7. Wow that is a lot of shots! I think you are amazing and awesome for doing this and giving the gift of a child to this couple.

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