Sweepstakes, Contests and Giveaways Oh My!

One of the hobbies that I have recently taken up is entering sweepstakes, giveaways and contests online. I have only been doing it for a few weeks now and most sweepstakes take months to notfiy you so I do not have any big wins as of yet. However, I know several people personally who have won wonderful prizes like trips, cars and cash. I don’t spend all day doing it, but it is a fun little hobby and a great use of my spare time.

This month, I have won a WWE belt from a Slim Jim instant win game, a music download, a $10 off $50 purchase coupon from Lowe’s, a Cobalt Utility Knife from Lowe’s and 5 additional entries into a Sears sweepstakes. Like I said, nothing huge or life changing, but some fun little wins that keep me going.

Recently I have gotten into blog and Twitter contests as well, but I am not sure how those are going to work out. There are so many of them and I feel like I am constantly running behind. Anyway, as I get more organized, I will post a how to section and mention some killer contests or sweepstakes that I find. If you are Canadian, there are great resources out there for you as well. Once such resource for the latest sweepstakes and giveaways is Contests Canada.

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