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15 Hilarious Parenting Quotes

We all know that parenting can be stressful and sometimes makes us want to pull our hair out. However, parenting little humans can also provide plenty of hilarious opportunities as well. Sometimes it is something our children do that make us giggle and other times, it is the crazy things we hear coming out of […]


5 Things We Can Learn From Toddlers

Who says you can’t learn things from little ones? They have plenty of things that they can teach us if we only let them. Want to know some of the skills you could posses if you only take some lessons from a toddler? Take a look at these. 1. How To Be Artistic That’s right […]


Women’s Dictionary for Common Men Phrases

Reviews: I didn’t make any changes and it was delicious…quick easy recipe. Thanks! This was great. My husband was expecting a ho-hum dinner and was pleasantly surprised. Alright ladies, we have all been there. There are tons of articles dedicated to decoding what women say, but hardly any about men. Why is that? Are men […]