Teach Kids to Give Back with Kids CWIST for Kids

This post is written in collaboration with CWIST all opinions are my own. 

This time of year, it is so easy to be sucked into the commercialism of the holiday. Kids especially have dream of presents going through their heads 24/7. It is simple to get wrapped up in the me, me, me, and forget about those who may not be as fortunate as ourselves this time of year. If you are anything like me, you are sick and tired of hearing the kids only think about themselves, and are looking for ways that you can teach them about giving back. CWIST has that problem solved with their new Kids CWIST for Kids campaign. Now, kids can learn while they earn gifts for kids in need this holiday season!

Kids CWIST for Kids

As a CWIST ambassador, I have written in the past about this challenge based reward system for kids. With CWIST, parents can assign a task or “cwist” to their child. This can be a cwist that is already in the system based on an act, craft or even a specific subject, or it can be an activity that the parent comes up with and loads into the system. Once the cwist or task has been assigned to the child, they can complete it in order to earn rewards.

With the Kids CWIST for Kids program, families can choose from a long list of boys and girls of all ages who are in need in homeless shelters this year. They can complete cwists in order to earn a gift for the child they have chosen. Participating is easy.

1.  Families choose a child to sponsor.

2. Parents select a child to assign a task to, choose a cwist for the child to complete, and choose a gift to donate to the chosen child when the task has been completed.

CWIST will also be donating the first $2,000 in toys earned by children for completing CWISTs to family-supporting charities.

There you have it, a simple way to help your child learn about working hard to give back to those in need. Head on over to CWIST today to sign up for your free account, and sign up to support a child in need with the Kids CWIST for Kids program today!


  1. Sponsoring a child who doesn't have enough is a GREAT idea. My kids have no idea how spoiled they are and something like this would show them there are kids who don't have nearly enough.

  2. As a former special ed teacher I am certainly all about ways to educate and empower children to do good! Sounds like a great way to teach children to help one another! Great share!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  3. This is awesome. I think it' so important to teach kids the importance of being thankful for what they have and generous to those who have less.

  4. I love this idea! We have done Secret Santa in the past with our local DFACS, but this would be something quick and easy to do in addition!

  5. Oh I just love this program! I think it is incredibly important to teach our kids about giving back and helping other kids. I will check this out and hopefully we can help a child this Holiday Season!

  6. I haven't heard of this before, but absolutely love the concept! This is such a great way to get kids involved in giving back!

  7. This sounds like an amazing program. We have a local Adopt a Child program we donate to. You are given the name and size of the child and a few of there likes. You go and buy them some clothes for winter and a few toys.

  8. What a fantastic program for the kids in need! My girls just donated a box of toys to our local community. Great way to teach out kids to give back.

  9. That is a nice way to get the kids' minds off of the gifts and onto helping others. You're def. right about the 24/7 present thing, my son has lists on top of lists. 😉

  10. I love programs that are about giving back! Thanks for the info, I will be looking into this some more. It's important not to get sucked into the whole materialistic side of the holiday.

  11. This is a really fantastic way to teach children to give back. I love programs like these that make it easy to lend a helping hand.

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