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This post is brought to you in collaboration with Toys “R” Us.

Do you remember being a kid and waking up on Christmas morning or on your birthday and knowing that something special was coming? That excitement, the butterflies that danced around in the pit of your stomach? Remember that one magical moment when your parents took you to the toy store or let you unwrap that toy that you had been waiting for your whole life? For me it was the Baby Alive Doll. I had wished for one for months and my dad had gone almost everywhere trying to find one. We walked into that toy store, and I don’t think I remember ever being so happy again as I was that day with that doll in my arms.

Now, as a mom, I have watched that same magic moment occur for my own boys. Yes, toys are material objects, but that moment when a child gets a toy that they have been wishing and dreaming for, the look on their face, light in their eyes and smile on their faces is priceless!

Toys “R” Us is a company with a long standing tradition of creating such magical moments and helping to put those smiles on children’s faces for years and years. Have you watched your child’s face when you walk into a Toys “R” Us? It is incredible. This year, Toys “R” Us surprised a lucky group of kids with a trip to a Toys “R” Us store and let them choose any toy they wanted to take home. Check out their reactions, but have a tissue handy, it is fantastic!

Do you remember that toy that put that special look on your face? What about your children? Have you captured that magic moment on camera? I’d love to hear about it!


  1. I received a bunch that were wonderful, like my first chemistry set, and Trivial Pursuit…I was such a nerd (and still am) and that stuff always did it for me. My son loves Angry Birds anything 🙂

  2. I can remember getting a Teddy Ruxpin for Christmas when I was probably 6 years old. I don't think my parents got a photo of me opening it though.

  3. Ah there are so many moments with five kids. I remember fishing poles and bikes were big hits for my stepsons.

  4. The year our daughter got here Nintendo Game Boy and her Buzz Lightyear Doll was so fun. She had the most incredible look on her face and was SO excited to have received them.

  5. I wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid so bad when they first came out. I didn't get one for Christmas that first year because they were near impossible to find. I remember coming home from school in February to find a Cabbage Patch Doll in my bedroom! My mom and dad were out shopping for her birthday and found a huge display they were just putting up at opening of the store. Those dolls were gone in 5 minutes. CRAZY!

  6. Baby Alive? She freaked me out! LOL. I got a bowling ball one Christmas with my name on it and was soooo excited. I'm a nerd.

  7. I've had some wonderful ones, as has my son, but a Christmas that sticks out for me involved my niece. When Furby very first came out, my Mom got her one for Christmas… that morning when she opened it, she freaked. out. I mean screamed bloody murder and almost passed out. She had to get down on the floor and was hyperventilating. It was amazing. LOL!

  8. I know I have some pretty awesome faces captured on film but I honestly can't remember what the gifts were now. Knowing my son, it had something to do with videogames. lol

  9. I'll never forget the year that I got a keyboard. I had wanted one so so badly and I think I screamed and woke the whole house up. 🙂

  10. Aw how fun, looks like a great item for him!!! I remember when I got the game Girl talk, boy was I ever excited!

  11. I had that moment a few times as a kid- we didn't have a lot growing up so really anything was special. When I got my N64, I probably died for a few minutes, lol.

  12. I remember my parents taking all of us to ToysRUs when we were little. We'd walk around and make a list for Santa and our parents would take notes. It was so exciting!

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