The Importance of Unplugging

kids hiking

There is no denying that we live in a technology focused world. Everywhere you look, there are screen and brightly colored graphics calling our name. I am guilty of being too plugged in. As a blogger, I spend hours a day plugged into a computer screen. Thing is, you are missing a lot when everyone is constantly plugged into electronics and no one is enjoying each other. That is part of the reason that I planned this summer camping trip with the boys. Yes, I will be working some at night sharing our adventures, but for the most part, we will be unplugged the majority of the time.

We also went on a camping trip this weekend and by unplugging, we were able to make new friends with the older couple next to us, had a wonderful time enjoying each other and saw things that we otherwise wouldn’t have. Check out some of the things we did and saw because we took the time to unplug.

torreya state park

torreya state park stone bridge

ring neck snake

family hiking
family camping
Gregory House

They are only little for so long moms. No one knows what tomorrow is going to bring, so spend some time unplugged and see what you can discover!


  1. can relate to your post so well.. I feel like I have been missing gout on life a lot lately because most of the time im caught up in the virtual world..I hate it but sometimes it cant be helped.

  2. It is so important. We try to unplug once a week at least during the day. It is a nice change for all! Beautiful photos:)

  3. There is definitely a time and a place for technology. We 'try' and implement an unplugged zone when we go on vacation.

  4. LOL The snake was pretty small. He tried to hide his head under a little leaf when he saw us. I moved the leaf so we could get a picture though.

  5. I am 'threatening' to unplug the kids for the duration of summer. I'm not much of a camper but I'm willing to compromise in order to bring my family closer. We just need to spend more time out in the world and not inside plugged into media.

  6. I'm not a camper, but love hikes. Once school is out, we will definitely spend one day a week unplugged.

  7. We require unplugging while eating dinner as a family every night but I would still like more time away from electronics!

  8. umplugging is SO hard but such a necessity. My husband and I always try to "unplug" when it's time for a meal.

  9. Such a beautiful day you had! I've been trying really hard to unplug one day a week. It's a great opportunity to relax and recharge.

  10. Completely agree, it is so important to unplug and connect with the earth every so often! I go barefoot as often as I can for this very reason!

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