The Search for the Elusive Perfect Night’s Sleep with #Serta

Our mattress is old. As in, it was given to me by someone who owned it before and there is really no telling how long it has been around. By the time it came to me, complete with mystery spots and pre-made body impressions, there wasn’t much chance of that famous “perfect night’s sleep” happening. That is why I was jump up and down and scream like a banshee happy when Serta approached me regarding an ambassadorship with their brand for the remainder of the year. Finally, that perfect night of sleep was within my reach, and it all started with heading to an actual mattress store to pick out the perfect product for me!

{Choosing the Perfect Serta Mattress}

First, you should understand that I have never been anywhere near a mattress store before in my life. In fact, I never thought I would be the proud owner of a brand new mattress, it always seemed a lot like cars to me. I always took what I could get and as long as I could sleep on it, I was good to go. Boy, I had no idea what I was missing. Everything in the mattress store is bright, white and oh so comfy looking. I was sent to Bedzzz Express in Tallahassee and was directed to the capable hands of Diego, a great sales associate.

First, Diego walked me through some of the amazing features that are unique to the Serta mattresses. The springs of a Serta mattress are individually wrapped and the mattresses are created with layers of foams and materials for ultimate comfort. The iSeries mattresses also have the exclusive gel memory foam built into them too, to help with not only comfort, but heat regulation as well. In addition Serta is the number one mattress manufacturer in the United States, and the only official mattress of the National Sleep Foundation.

After being dazzled with the many benefits of the Serta iSeries mattresses, it was time to try them out. Yes, I did bounce onto the bed and take a little rest. Hey, how else am I supposed to know if I am going to like it once I get it home? First up was the Serta iSeries Applause Plush. While this is a firm and impressive mattress, I am more of a cushy girl myself and was looking for something a little fluffier. Diego said this model would be perfect for those who stomach sleep though, because it would keep you from sinking in and developing back pain, which could happen on a softer mattress.

When I turned and saw the Serta iSeries Ceremony Super Pillow Top mattress, I knew instantly that it was the bed for me. I mean, just look at how it puts the surrounding mattresses to shame. You can clearly see the quality shine through.

This is what I’m talking about! Also, while this mattress definitely has plenty of cushion with a gel foam filled pillow top layer, it is still considered a firm mattress and great for most types of sleepers. So that was it for me, I said wrap her up and send her home!

Serta however makes all of their mattresses to order. This means that they do not actually make your mattress and send it to you until you order it. There are not piles of piles of mattresses lining a gigantic warehouse, aging before anyone gets a chance to sleep on them. No, the mattress is made for you!

{Save Big This Memorial Day!}

Serta wants to have you all sleeping good this summer, so they are rolling out the big deals just in time for Memorial Day weekend! There will be two great offers you can take advantage of, the iComfort/iSeries Triple Bonus and the Perfect Sleeper Hot Buy event.

The iComfort/iSeries Triple Bonus event offers you up to $400 a Serta adjustable base, a free iComfort mattress protector and 2 free iComfort scrunch pillows with the purchase of any iComfort or iSeries mattress at participating retailers.

With the Perfect Sleeper Hot Buy event, select retailers will offer queen sized Perfect Sleeper mattresses for as little as $299! Both of these offers will run through June 2nd and you can learn more on the promotions section of the Serta site.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as I share my first thoughts on the Serta iSeries Ceremony Super Pillow Top mattress!

I am participating in a Serta ambassadorship. Compensation and a mattress were received, but all words, thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. I have a Sleep Number but I can't say it is so much better then other mattresses. I would love to try a Serta.

  2. I was just telling my mom that there will be some great sales on furniture this weekend. It can be difficult to find the right mattress. I've never had a Serta.

  3. Congrats on your ambassadorship! I'm totally jealous. &I totally need a firmer mattress- I use to stomach sleep & now it always hurts my back because my mattress is too soft, just like Diego said!

  4. We have had our memory foam mattress for about seven now. I love it but it is most definitely time for an upgrade.

  5. If there is one thing that we need, I mean really need is a new mattress. The one we have is a Serta and it has been wonderful… but I'm ashamed to even admit how long ago we bought it. Let me just say, it's past time to be replaced.

  6. Buying a new mattress is totally like buying a new car! We've only bought one, when we first moved in together. We have a pillow top too, but it looked nothing like that one. The only thing I don't like about pillow tops though, you can't flip them. I'm curious to hear how you guys like yours though.

  7. Oh man, that bed looks like a dream come true! We so need a new mattress. I can't wait to see how you like it.

  8. I've had my Serta IComfort mattress a with the adjustable base since December. I absolutely love and would never go back to any other mattress we have ever had.

  9. I'd love a new mattress. My movers "stole" mine a few years ago and I've had horrible problems sleeping. I can't afford a good one and my back suffers nightly.

    That looks like a great quality mattress.

  10. My parents are currently mattress shopping and we will be within the next couple years. Serta is definitely a brand near the top of both of our lists. It's so awesome that their mattresses are made after you order.

  11. Oh my! That looks like an amazing mattress – so happy for you! A good mattress makes a world of difference, one we're still working on 😛 I love that they make their mattresses when you order instead of collecting dust somewhere!

  12. We need a new mattress SO badly. We plan on looking at a new one over the summer, I will have to be sure to check out the Serta ones.

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