Things You Learn As a Mother of Boys

When I found out my first child was going to be a boy, it was a surprise and one that came with a lot of adjustments. As he grew and I went on to give birth to my three other boys, the things I had to learn as a mom and member of the opposite sex became more plentiful as well. Here is just a sampling of the delightful things I have had to learn as the mom of 4 boys.

How to Pee Standing Up

Let me assure all of you, that until I had boys, this is something I had little interest in learning how to do. As a single mom to my oldest three, it was unfortunately something I was forced to learn. It was either that or let me boys be ridiculed by schoolmates later in life when they sat down to do their business. As a modest person, teaching my boys how to potty standing up was quite a feat, but we eventually got it down.

How to Play Bakugans and the Names of All the G.I. Joe Men

Mothers of girl get to play tea party and barbies, things I am familiar with from my own childhood. As a mother of boys, I have had to learn how to play other things, like Bakugans, which by the way are sometimes frustratingly hard to close and I just want to shoot them with a BB gun. I also know the names of all the G.I. Joe men and whether they are good or bad guys.

Boys Have One Level and It Isn’t Quiet

A valuable lesson that I learned early on as the mother of multiple boys, is that when they get together, they have one level and that is ultra sonic loud! They are naturally louder than girls and their screaming matches can rival a WWF death match.

Bugs and Dirt Are Our Friends

I hate messes. It annoys me when things get dirty and I can’t stand having grime on me. Even growing up in a farm setting, raising animals and planting food in a garden did not cure me of this, but being a mom of 4 boys has. I have learned that if it wiggles and is squishy, then it is something to love and embrace. The dirtier the better in fact!

Bodily Functions Are Hilarious and Happen Often

Some days there is so much gas in this house from four boys and a man that I am literally terrified to light my candles. Seriously though, boys will let one rip at any moment and when one does, they all do or at least try to and it is the funniest thing they have ever heard.

Boys Love Their Mommy

Perhaps the most amazing thing I have learned from being the mom of boys is that they do in fact love their mommy. Given the opportunity to go somewhere with Matt or with me, they would choose me every time. I am the center of their world and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Are you a mom of boys too? Have a special skill you have had to learn as a result? Share it below. Moms of girls, care to share some stories from the other side?


  1. Great post, as a mom to 3 boys I can totally relate! my boys love to scream and holler and shout when they are on the potty in the main floor washroom. it's weird, they go in there all by themselves to pee and here comes the noise. I complain all the time 'why are they doing that? can't they just go pee?' and Hubby defends them saying the sound echoes in there and its really cool! insert eyeroll. Boys are loud and dirty to say the least!

  2. I have three boys (ages 4, 2, and 8 months) and when we were potty training my oldest, he insisted on sitting on the potty because he was home with me all day and that is all he knew. I had to get daddy involved more in order to teach him to stand up and pee. Unfortunately, daddy didn't want him to get anything on his clothes so if he had to poop, daddy took all of his clothes off. Several years later and we have finally convinced him that he can keep his clothes on to go potty. Thankfully!!! He would strip to nothing even in public rest rooms. I am so glad he is out of it before he starts school!

  3. My 7 year old got into the same habit as well, but I don't know where he learned it from. He would take every stitch of clothing off, even his socks, no matter where we were. He has finally gotten over that phase as well.

  4. First, those are some good lookin boys you have there! We have 3 so far (and probably 4 by next summer 🙂 I love boys!! I thought I was missing something when we hadn't had a daughter, but then my gf's started having girls and after hanging out with them and their daughters, I finally realized that boys are for me! Annnd they rock! And they do LOVE their mama's. I have these amazing relationships with all of them, it's so special. I wish for wonderful daughter in-laws someday 🙂

  5. On the noise level – I hear ya' there! Oh, wait – what did you say?

    My boys have taught me that I am insane. They prove it again and again by argueing that baths are "optional" – when am I going to get that through my crazy, thick head?

  6. I have 6 boys (ages 16 to 2) and 1 girl (she is the baby at 1). I wouldn't trade my 6 boys and all of the noise, chaos, mess and love that comes with them, for anything in the world.

  7. Crap, I shouldn't have read this because I'm on the verge of tears. I'm having my second son and while I can't imagine what life is going to be like, I really hope we get a little girl sometime so I can buy pink, glittery, swirly, and all things princess and Barbies. I wouldn't change a thing though, these boys are my little miracles!

  8. Well, my daughter also love bugs and dirt, gets loud, and can be pretty gross. She does not, however, pee standing up, play with GI Joe (or Barbie for that matter), or shoot things. There are pros and cons to both and most of the time break the mold 🙂

  9. You have it nailed here! They're truly different than girls but those dirty, stinky, loud, and loving little men are precious treasures!

  10. Oh Mandi, don't cry. You may still get your little girl. Me, I have always been a tomboy and never wanted a girl, so the loud boys suit me fine, except for the dirt lol.

  11. What a fun post – I needed to know these tips as I'm new to 'boy land'. Your Gas tip had me LOLing 🙂

  12. Ha ha you make me feel better about how loud my boys are. O my gosh its down right embarrasing some times but boys do love their mommys so much. Ok your littlest in that picture looks like he is holding in a big secret and wants to let it out:)

  13. I love this post…you have hit the nail on the head! I have just one boy (he will be 21 next week), but I remember well how different they are. I remember he wanted me to play trucks with him once, and I was making the sound effects. He was all bent out of shape saying "that's not how trucks sound!". Well, I'm a girl – I do dolls and stuff. So he taught me and all was well lol.

  14. I don't have boys, I have girls, but I was uncomfortable raising girls. I was a HUGE tomboy. I felt like saying "What the hell do I know about barbies and stuff?!" Lauren LOVES to wear dresses, I like to think that maybe Adam is into cross dressing because she certainly didn't get that from me!

  15. Kathleen, you had me in tears!
    Such a fabulous post, reminding me of all the things I love about my boys (you forgot about the peeing outside that they somehow manage to LOVE TO do)!
    The part about them loving you NEVER goes away… mine are still my loving little boys and they are 20 & 23.

  16. well i have 3 boys,(11,7 almost 2) and im pregnant , and guess what?? yessss it's a boy too, I really wanted a girl, but God is wise and I trust he knows why , i love my boys !!!

  17. my hat goes of to all you mamas! I have 3 boys and am 8 weeks pregnant with our 4th and final child. I dont know what the sex is yet, and though I would love to have a girl, I am prepared to accept another boy! It is a hard pill to swallow, cause I always wanted a girl, but I do love my sons. They are non stop energy and sometimes I feel they will drive me insane, but they sure do love their mom, and there is always a blessing waiting at the end of what seems a struggle. Yes There is a chance its another boy, and I am growing to find peace in that!

  18. I love that you posted something about bugs and dirt being our friends. I currently have no boys as of yet. But my little girl is just like one of the guys. She loves to get her hands dirty….she loves to play with cars….she loves to play with bugs….and recently, I've discovered (while watching for my own personal entertainment, mind you) that she loves the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (complete first season, of course). She's definitely her mother's child. lol

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