Throwing a Halloween Bash on a Budget + HERSHEY’S Giveaway

Halloween is just around the corner and the boys are getting so excited. This is by far one of their favorite holidays. They love the decorations, the yummy treats and most of all, the HERSHEY’S candy! Oh wait, maybe it’s me that loves the candy. This year, I decided to throw them a little Halloween party just for our family. I didn’t want to spend a fortune though, so I busted out some budget tips to help me save money and still create a fun-filled party for them.

The Decorations

For decorations, I used a lot of DIY ideas. I like Halloween decorations, but I like a more classic look and nothing too scary or bloody. I created a wall of flying bats on the sliding glass door blinds using a template I found online and cut out the bats from some card stock I already had. Using candy as a decoration is a two for one. Not only do you have a cute decoration, but the kids can eat it too.

The candlestick holder was a steal for $2 from a local thrift shop and I created the dripping blood by dripping candle wax from a red Dollar Tree candle down the white ones. I utilized pieces we already had like some pillar candle sticks to place skulls I got for a $1 on top of. The witch’s brooms are actually treat bags made from brown paper lunch bags and a stick from outside. By using pieces you already own and hitting up your local dollar store, you can get a great look for less.

The Food

Apart from the candy you can use as a decoration, you can also find other food options that won’t cost a fortune. Most people have string cheese in their fridge already. Cut a few slits in the cheese for knuckles, top it with an almond sliver and you have a ghoul finger to enjoy! Wrap some hot dogs in refrigerated bread sticks and create cheap hot dog mummies. An inexpensive sub can easily transform into a sea monster sandwich with olives for the eyes. Want to get creative? Buy some cheap plastic wine glasses at the Dollar Tree, our 5 pack was $1. Fill will an eyeball and jello for a spooky treat.

The Fun!

Having fun at a Halloween party doesn’t have to cost a lot at all. We sat down and ate while watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” a family favorite. Later, I strung up some donuts on string and we had a hilarious version of bobbing for donuts. The goal is to see who can eat their hanging donut the fastest. The only cost was basically the donuts themselves and they were also a yummy treat for the kids. Put that pumpkin you already bought to good use and play pin the face on the pumpkin. Blindfold each person and whoever creates the best pumpkin face wins. The boys giggled like girls all during this game.

Treat Bags

Even though this party was just for us, I still created goody bags for the boys. The bags themselves were just brown paper lunch bags with a stick from outside in the top to form a witch’s broom. Inside, there were fun goodies from the dollar store party favor section. You can find the directions for the bags here.

Want some more decorating ideas, recipes and other family friendly Halloween tips? Check out HERSHEY’S BOO BLVD.

{Win It}

We received a 3 1/2 lb. bag of HERSHEY’S candy. That is 140 pieces of delicious favorites like MILK DUDS, WHOPPERS, JOLLY RANCHERS and TWIZZLERS! Now you can win a bag too and be set for Halloween. 20 luck readers will win the same bag of candy I received. Just enter using the Rafflecopter form below.

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  1. My party planning tip: Keep it cheap and easy! It's more fun for everyone (especially the host) that way!

  2. Don't over do it, I think that tip is more for me. I always think of too many good ideas and think I have to do them all. Keep it simple.

  3. I have to agree with everyone else as well – less is more … having an activity for the kids to do helps as well!

  4. We do a lot of decorating but I like letting my grandson make bags of candy that we can hand out. He enjoys that plus so does the other little ones knowing it is a bag of candy

  5. I agree with you by by going to a thrift shop or dollar store to get cheap items for the party.

  6. I liked all the party ideas on their site; that's a tip in itself since I think picking a theme is one of the hardest things. I love the idea for a pirate party. My own tip for a party is to have plenty of food and if you're having a kids party, it would be wise to check with the parents and make sure nobody has a food allergy.

  7. Yah for giveaways!
    This year is our tenth annual Halloween Party with the kids! I have found that planning way ahead and prepping all the food that you can before the party is the best tips I have!


  8. buy specials/clearance on decorations (and maybe even costumes) the year before so you don't have to run out last minute

    m8usi at yahoo dot com

  9. Play some halloween music like Thriller or plan some games like Ghost in the Graveyard (kind of like hide and seek but a little different).

  10. Make a costume station! One year, we had a table set aside with props and old costumes and makeup so that if someone came without a costume, they could just pop on over to the Ghoul Station and make themselves a costume! The make up is also great for any touch-ups the guests need to do!

  11. Molasses popcorn balls( Giant Spider eggs in black slime) are easy to make, very lowcost- and a hit with boys, especially.

  12. Always have activities planned, and then don't feel too bad when everything falls apart. A backup plan can't hurt either!

  13. unfortunately with us getting up in years, this year there won't be decorating. usually we like to decorate the outside, when passing out candy we have the haunted music, the singing skeleton and the dreadful look out spider dropping. I must say I will miss this. Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. Instead of decorating our homes for Halloween and going trick or treat, our church has a fall festival with decorations, games, and fun activities–including a hot dog supper for everyone. The children and adults have fun in a safe enviroment.

  15. WOW these are so much fun! Great ideas. I want to do them! I like the idea of having good background music going… I also learned that some things really DO scare the younger kids!!! LOL

  16. My tip is to plan ahead and do as much stuff as possible so you can enjoy the party as well as take pictures…I always seem to busy to enjoy the party or take pictures.

  17. I agree that thrift shops can help make your party rock because you can find so many things.

    teechbiz at gmail dot com

  18. lol…Always have Plenty of candy! Ive had to go to the store 3 times in one night, then Ive had a night I couldn't give stuff away!

  19. Prepare the food ahead of time, so at party time all you have to do is heat and serve.

  20. Get your candy early so the stores don't run out of the good kinds! And get more than you think you will really need.

  21. My best loved tip is to go with the flow! Things just won't always go as planned and the kids will be looking to you when they don't. Smile and carry on!

  22. I think it's fun to have a costume theme party. One of the funnest Halloween parties I ever went to was a roaring 20's theme.

  23. I try to make no mess fun looking foods.You can pretty much take any normal food and find a way to spook it up.

  24. My biggest tip is to have a lot of activities planned and have little contests to keep people involved.

  25. My favorite planning tip is to buy more candy than you actually need to hand out to trick or treaters. After all, if you have candy left over, you have no choice but to eat it.

  26. my tip is be prepared for all and any weather conditions and make sure you have a large supply of candy

  27. I make my treats a few weeks ahead and keep them frozen until the day of the party so it's just a matter of heating up instead of cooking!

  28. Make your finger foods look spooky by creating them in Halloween shapes.

    jennylovesjeff (at) hotmail (dot) com

  29. My favorite Halloween planning tip is to buy my costume the day after Halloween the year before because you can get it cheap. Just don't buy something that is bound to be dated. A political costume has less effect next year than it will have today.

  30. Buys lots of decorations on sale after Halloween so each year you have more and more and more 🙂

    ktgonyea at

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