Tips for Teaching Your Dog New Tricks

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We got a new dog late last year, and she has been a bit of a trial for us. See, our older dog Doodle is perfectly behaved, and has been since the day she came home. So, we were not prepared for a dog that needed training. Always up for a challenge though, we decided to look into ways to train Daisy and maybe even teach her a few basic tricks. Below are some useful tips you can utilize to help train your dog too.

Keep Training Sessions Short

Dogs, especially puppies have a pretty short attention span. If you try to make them sit through a training session that is hours long, both you and your pup are going to walk away frustrated. Try 10-15 minute training sessions a day, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your furry friend comes along.

Take it Slow

Just as you need to keep training sessions short, you can’t expect too much too soon either. Your dog is not going to be jumping through hoops their first day, even a simple sit command may be too much to hope for on the first try. Just be patient and stay consistant with one command at a time until it has been mastered.

Never Yell

Do not ever yell or hit your dog while trying to train them. This only sends a negative message about your training session and may even make your pups behaviors regress even further. Plenty of sweet words and gentle praise or encouragement are all you need to see positive results.

Have Plenty of Treats on Hand

While praise from their master is always welcomed, many dogs need an extra push of motivation to get them going. Having plenty of delicious treats on hand may be just what your dog needs to help them learn. The new Beggin’ Party Pack available at Sam’s Club features (3) 14 oz. packs of treats in your dog’s favorite flavors, Bacon, Bacon and Cheese and Bacon & Cheeseburger Collisions. The Beggin’ Party Pack is the perfect mix of flavors that comes with enough treats to keeo your training skillls going strong for a long time. To learn more about the Begginโ€™ Party Pack, visit the Sam’s Club site for more information.

Consistancy, patience and a few great treats are all you really need to help train your dog and teach them new tricks. Have any pet training tips of your own? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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  1. What great tips! I am gonna try them with our dog, Ruger! Sounds like a great way to teach him a few more things!!

  2. These are great tips, especially for first time dog owners! We also got our kids involved as the did a lot of the treat giving, walks, etc.

  3. Great tips. Doggie treats are a great way to get your dog to do as you please. I have found that makes a world of a difference.
    By the way your Wether's Original caramel ad kept pulling my attention away a lot!

  4. These are great tips! I remember training my dog as a pup- she is VERY spirited, so it was a challenge! She still has her quirks but I love her!

  5. Yes, most dogs want to please you, so positive reinforcement is best. I did have one very self motivated dog… she did what she wanted, then gave the most pitiful hound dawg eyes, that would always get her forgiven.

  6. Oh, yes, treats are a MUST! We were also told to keep the session short and focus on positive reinforcements – really helped in training our dog.

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