Tips to Make Your Holiday Drive More Cheerful

I love almost everything about the holiday season. Good food around the table with family and friends, twinkling lights lining the streets, strolls in the cool crisp air, and songs of the season ringing through the air. What I don’t love though is holiday traffic. This year, the boys and I are traveling all around Louisiana during the holiday season. This holiday season, people all over the country will be hitting the road to celebrate and join family or friends, that means  source of stress and anxiety over traffic for 48% of Americans. This holiday season make your drive stress free with some tips from the TomTom traffic experts and the all new TomTom GO 500 with lifetime maps and traffic.

Holiday Driving Tips from TomTom

Plan Ahead: Before hitting the road, visit and plan out your route based on traffic and needs. Factor any stops into your planning and find a route that accommodates all your needs while keeping you ahead of the traffic.

Pack Well: In addition to luggage, arm yourself with snacks, beverages and playlists to keep you satiated and happy.

On The Road: Traffic can pop up at any time, so keep yourself updated with real-time traffic data from TomTom on either your GO device or with the TomTom app (available on Android and iPhone) which will alert you when traffic has developed on your route and quickly provide solutions for getting around it so you can act fast and save time.

Go Hands Free: Buy yourself a Bluetooth headset so you can safely pass the time talking to friends and family who you rarely have the time to call. The holidays are all about connecting, after all!

Save Money: Gas is expensive, and you will need it, so download an app like GasBuddy ahead of time that can help you find the cheapest gas stations along your route so you wind up at your destination feeling savvy, smart and ready to celebrate

New TomTom GO 500 with Lifetime Maps and Traffic

TomTom has taken their FPS navigation devices to the next level with a new traffic-centric experience. Now, you can be alerted of upcoming traffic situations right on the live interactive map. Not only that, but it will tell you how long you can expect the delay from traffic to be, will show you the severity of the jam and the likely cause of it, whether it be from an accident, road work or just a lane closure.

I love that the TomTom GO 500 is so easy to start using, it is the only navigation system when you can start navigating in just two taps. The quick search function starts suggesting addresses and points of interest as soon as you start typing, and then uses its state of the art crowd-sourced traffic data to choose the quickest route according to current traffic status.

The new large screen with interactive map uses every pixel of the screen, and shows buildings in a 3D model that is pretty darn cool. The route bar is another favorite feature of mine. It lets you know not only of any upcoming traffic issues or delays, but also things like red light cameras or upcoming gas stations. That would have come in so handy on our summer trip when I was freaking out not knowing whether we would run out of gas or not before reaching another gas station.

 Tom Tom is providing lifetime traffic and maps to users of the TomTom GO 500. It uses your existing smartphone data plan to access TomTom Traffic as well as other services like TomTom Speed Cameras by connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth®. You also need to download the free MyDrive app to establish the connection – available for both iOS and Android models.

With new TomTom GO 500, I feel secure on the road knowing that I am getting real time information about my route, and always the most reliable information on the traffic that might be on the road ahead of me. It has made a huge difference in my attitude while I travel and my stress level on the road with the boys.

Buy It

The new TomTom GO 500 is available at retailers nationwide, and on for $199.99. So, take the stress out of your holiday drive, and pick up one today!


  1. Oh how I wish I had a garmin!! It is top on my list right now. We have a trip planned for Christmas so I'm hoping the hubbie will get me one early!

  2. These sound like some great tips. We won't be traveling any time soon but I alway use GasBuddy for our gas locally.

  3. I am the WORST with driving directions! This is something that I really need because I can't always depend on my husband to get me to where I need to go!

  4. These are really great tips. My husband usually drives and has me navigate. I need to look into the GasBuddy app.

  5. Wonderful tips! I am not a big road trip person…especially during the holidays, but these tips ought to make traveling easier

  6. My husband's in-dash GPS is so outdated. I'm ready to gift him a TomTom so we can find the right directions when we travel!

  7. I love Tom Tom- i don't have one but want it! I use my Google maps on my phone and it's such a pain. I really need to look into this

  8. I have an older Tomtom and it works out well. We also tend to use our phones a lot. Driving can be stressful in winter weather, its a lot less stressful when you know where you are going.

  9. Knowing where you are going whenever you get in the car is a good thing! I never leave home without my GPS even if I know exactly where I am going!

  10. Yes so true that we need to know where we are going, especially with winter traveling. Love the gps review. We also pack extra blankets just in case we have a breakdown. Thanks for the tips.

  11. What great tips! I like the idea of using a tomtom over the GPS of your cell phone because you aren;t using data services! Plus the tomtom is easier to see!

  12. I am so happy I don't have to go on a road trip this holiday season. If I did I would 100% be using the GPS. They do make travel so much less stressful, along with your other tips.

  13. Luckily we didn't have to travel this holiday season, but these tips can go for any road trip any time of the year. Thanks!

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