Top 5 Words Little Boys Find Funny!

It’s Monday again and we all have a hard time getting up and into our week. I thought I would start us off with a little laugh. Well, at least the words below would make my boys giggle. Why is it that every word that little boys find funny, moms find gross? Honestly though, you get desensitized over time and then just learn to roll with it.

1. Pee – Even if you just mention the letter “P” or the peas that you eat, it is hilarious to them. Say “P” twice and see what happens. You get twice as much giggle, that’s what happens.

2. Poop – Yep, boys somehow find this disgusting bodily excrement extremely hilarious and it begins from a young age when they stick their hand in their diapers and paint the crib during nap time. Don’t ask!

3. Booger – Are we noticing a pattern here? Pretty much any undesirable item that comes out of the body is considered funny to a little boy. Booger, boogie, booger head. They will all elicit little peals of laughter.

4. Fart – This is one that I really hate. I hate to hear it because it means that my nose is about to be assaulted. Even fake fart noises can squeeze laughter our of little boys and the words “mommy farted” will bring on a downright lethal laughing fit.

5. Burping – Okay, so in this case it is not so much the word that brings on the laughter as the actual noise. Boys are born with an inane ability to burp entire sentences or songs. It is incredibly gross and enthralling all at the same time.

Yeah so, boys are kind of gross really, but we love them bugs, dirt, gross word giggles and all.


  1. oh yeah butt ranks high in our house too. And my oldest has mastered the arm pit fart for hours of entertainment

  2. We have a store called Menards that has a jingle, when the boys were little they would always say Mynards and giggle to this day I say Mynards and giggle.

  3. Sounds like mine when they were younger. Now they have moved onto different words (ex. a certain planets name) though some of those still creep in and they think they are hysterical

  4. Nicole you are so right. How could I miss butt?

    April, I don't blame you, that is a pretty funny sounding name.

    Heather, your mind is always a little "off", but we love you anyway. 🙂

    Toni, mine haven't gotten that one yet, but I am waiting.

  5. Out of my 3 kids my youngest is our only son. Bub is almost 3 & a half and loves ALL of these words already… then again… so does 34yr old hubs.

  6. I correct my grandsons if I hear some of that language because my granddaughter will repeat everything

  7. This is hilarious and sooo true! But, it is my son AND daughter that giggle about these things, LOL, and me too 🙂

  8. Even *I* think most of these words are hilarious! I can't help but giggle when I say booger. I mean, come on! 🙂

  9. I have a boy age 7 and girl age 3 and mention the word fart and these two both roll around laughing hysterically 🙂

  10. This fits my two 5 yr old boys right now. They say those words and giggle, what is up with that? Drives me crazy because im always correcting them, I guess its a boy thing *rolls eyes*

  11. Yep, my two year old recognizes all of those functions/bodily creations … TWO YEARS OLD.

    Boogers are his favorite.

  12. I only have two boys and those words are very well known by both! Glad I found you…and I agree with another commenter…Butt is the number one word in our household, I even found myself using it by accident as I had heard it so much!!!!

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