Tricky Stories – Magic Castle Sticker Book App Review

Do your kids love using their imaginations? Do they make up elaborate stories all the time? If so, the latest Tricky Stories sticker book app is the perfect way to set their imagination free! With the Magic Castle app, your children can use interchangeable stickers that can easily be added to the castle backdrop to create an endless array of stories to tell. This app is wonderful for younger children who are always looking for a way to be creative.

{What Can You Do?}

At first glance, the Magic Castle app seems like it doesn’t have a lot going on, but when you delve into its different features and options, a world of fairy tale wonder comes to life. My one complaint about this app is that I wish there had been some type of prompt or instruction telling you what exactly you could do with the app. However, we quickly figured it out, and my 7 year old was imagining new stories in a matter of minutes.

With the app, you can press on the castle, and a pop up menu of interchangeable characters and story props pop up. These props include people like a wizard, king, queen, pirate, and even a one eyed cyclops. They also include items like cannons, ice cream, cake, balloons, pirate chest and horses. These props can be easily drug onto the castle backdrop, to help create the setting of a story for your child to tell. Or, you as a parent can create an elaborate scene that can be used to tell a story to your child. Done with the props? Simply press on the castle again and swipe them off into the menu on the right hand side to put them away and choose others.

Check out this story that Jase created. The gist of it was, that one day a king and queen fell in love until a monster came to destroy the kingdom. A brave night rode on his pink horse and fed the monster ice cream so he would be happy. Then, they let balloons go and had a big party.

One of our favorite features of the Magic Castle app was the ability to take a photo of your story. Children can press the camera icon in the upper left corner to choose to take a photo of their creation. This way, they can go back to the picture and remember their story all over again.

Younger children will also enjoy the animals and settings found throughout the app. The animals all interact when you press them, and they can be moved around to different locations. Jase’s favorite part was the rainbow, that plays a tune when you press it.

{Buy It}

All in all, I think the Magic Castle app is a great investment for children who love to use their imaginations to create stories of their own. It can be purchased from the app store for only $1.99, and their are other Tricky Stories apps available if your child decides they would like to add other settings and themes.

I was compensated for this post, but all words, thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Looks like a cute app for toddlers and I way to introduce them to reading before they can read.

  2. That looks like a wonderful way for a child to be creative. The monster inside me is always happier with some ice cream. 🙂

  3. I love the story that Jace created, how cute! My boys love apps where they can create stories and use their imaginations, this is definitely one that we will have to download.

  4. I think my kids would have a wonderful time with this app and I like that it allows them to use their imagination.

  5. That looks like so much fun – if we would have had an iPad when my daughter was younger she would have been all over this app.

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