Two Worlds of Fun Rolled Into One – Mechatars Review and Giveaway

The Mechatars are robotic warriors that dwell both on Earth and in the Mechaverse as well. When our Mechatar arrived in the mail about a week ago, the boys about had a fit. They were all scrambling over who would get to test it out first. Let me tell you a secret though, mommy got to “test” it first and I had a hard time passing it on to the kids. Mechatars are perfect for kids ages 6-12 because they can be as simple as a remote control vehicle offline or as intriguing as an intricate online world with endless amount of information and fun to delve into.

{About Mechatars}

Mechatars are evolving, cross-dimensional robots. They exist here in our human world, and also in their home, the Mechaverse. Mechatars acquire new skills and capabilities as they gain experience–the more you play, the stronger you get!

Accept missions in the physical world to traverse the terrain and then continue to battle it out online using strategic tactics to earn points to upgrade your weapons across the Eight Elements in the Mechaverse.

{Our Take}

There are three main types of Mechatars, the Alpha, Wrexx and Kodar. Each has their own strengths, personalities and skills. I think this is a great touch for kids who want a hand in choosing their own unique Mechatar. To further enhance the personalization process, when you child connects their Mechatar to the computer via the USB cord, they can go to the Mechaverse online and complete a totally unique profile, including choosing a name and insignia for their Mechatar. 

We received a Kodar Mechatar and the first we did with it is take it for a stroll across the carpet. This in itself is pretty amazing for a remote control anything in our house. Normally they have to be used on a hard floor which in my case means in the kitchen, and that isn’t exactly convenient. This guy works great on the carpet though and the controls are simple enough for all four boys ages 5-11 to maneuver. They loved the sound effects too, not so sure I am thrilled with them lol.

Online, there is a whole world to explore called the Mechaverse. Kids can earn points for competing with their Mechatar in online battles, training to protect the World. Points can be used to purchase weapons and enhancements in the store and missions can be downloaded for your Mechatar to complete offline around the house as well. Get two Mechatars together in real life and they will battle offline as well. Know a friend who has a Mechatar too, link them up online through the Social option to add them to your community.

Overall, I think this is a great toy for both boys and girls. It is two toys rolled into one. A fun interactive online game and an offline remote control toy that interacts with other Mechatars and has the added bonus of being able to complete missions.

{Buy It}

This fall, you can purchase your own Mechatars from Target, Radio Shack, Amazon, Toys R’Us and (MSRP: $39.99). You can use code MECHMOM online for a great discount.

I was selected to participate in this sponsored post series by Clever Girls Collective.


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