The Ugliest Dogs In The World!

 When you think of puppies and dogs, chances are you envision something cute and cuddly. Our own dog Doodle is an adorable Labradoodle and the sweetest dog on Earth. Unfortunately, not all dogs did so great in the looks department. While they are still sweet and loving, some of these pups’ outward appearance just doesn’t reflect the beauty within. Check out these photos of the ugliest dogs in the world.


  1. Those pictures make me so sad. 🙁 Wonder how many of them look this way b/c of animal cruelty/abuse?

  2. Honestly Rachel, I don't think any of them are. Most of them like the first one {Sam} are award winners. They are actually quite well taken care of. Also, most of them are just breeds of dogs that naturally are not so attractive.

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