Upcoming Disney Movie Theater Releases

One of my favorite things to do with the boys is go to the movie theater. Ever since I was little, I have loved that feeling you get when a new movie is about to start. The anticipation of getting wrapped up in the story and being transported into a different world. As a parent, I now love to watch the expressions on my boy’s faces as they watch the movies. The awe and enjoyment is worth soaking up. We love Disney movies. In fact, we probably own every Disney made to date. That is why, I always keep a look out for upcoming Disney movies. Check out this list of upcoming theater releases.

August 15: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

This looks like an adorable movie that the whole family can enjoy. Since it is not animated, it really appeals to my older boys as well. We are all really excited about this one, me more so than the boys probably.

September 14: Finding Nemo 3D

Even though this is not an entirely new movie, I really am looking forward to seeing an old classic in a new light. The boys watched Finding Nemo again just the other day and it is one of their favorites, so I know they are going to love it in 3D.

October 5: Frankenweenie

I have to admit, this one looks a little odd to me. The boys on the other hand think it is the coolest thing, so we will of course be watching it. I do like that it is from Tim Burton. I loved The Nightmare Before Christmas and it was a bit out there too, so I may very well end up liking Frankenweenie.

November 12: Wreck It Ralph

This looks like a funny and adorable movie. It is animated, making it a hit with my youngest two instantly, but it has a deep enough story line to hold the attention of my older boys as well. I have seen the trailer for this movie and really like the plot behind it and the idea of “finding your place.”

Be sure to check out money saving offers on these and other new and upcoming movies. The more I can save the better with a large family. What is your favorite upcoming Disney movie?

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  1. I am pretty much thrilled for all of these! Can't wait to take my toddler to Nemo on the big screen!

  2. Would love to see finding Nemo…of course it's releasing on my due date so probably not going to happen.

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