Walking In Those Other Shoes

There are some shoes I would never want to walk in, some that are much too big for me to entertain filling, but then, there are some each of us need to step into. It is amazing what you can learn and how you can so easily change your perspective when you just take a moment to see things from someone else’s viewpoint. In a moment you can go from angry to understanding. In this day and age, I think it is so much easier to just get mad and judge rather than put forth the effort to really try and view things from the other side.

I am guilty of it. I am 100% guilty of just rambling something out of anger instead of taking a moment to coherently discuss something with someone and try to gain a different viewpoint. Why? Because it is easy. It is simple to blame someone else and say they are wrong, rather than to really listen and perhaps find out that we are the ones who are wrong. Who likes to be wrong? No one.

Without going into specifics, I contacted someone out of anger who had contacted someone I care about out of anger and then had contacted me. Was it right on either of our parts? Nope, but we are human and reacting out of anger is a common mistake. One we all make. Later that night I wrote and apology and this morning I received a calm response back too. While I still do not agree with some things that are said, I was able to take a step back and objectively see a different side of the situation.

So, this is just a reminder that before you act out of anger, stop and try to take a second look from the other side. Imagine how much better the world would be if we all took short walks in those other shoes.


  1. I agree. I always tell me kids that you never know what is going on in someone elses life that caused them to react the way they did. I always try to tell them to slow down and think it through.

  2. I walked away from my daughter yesterday because I'm tired of dealing with her Dirty space and after 11 hours of cleaning I was about to scream my head off at her and decide to go think about it instead.

  3. That was pretty awesome that you were able to look at it later with a clearer head. It's hard not to react on emotions sometimes.

  4. My oldest son I can go off on in an instant. He is the only child that can be disrespectful and I just snap! I apologize later always.. I get a love you mom back 🙂

  5. I agree, but it really depends. I like getting the full story, but I dislike when people close down and refuse to give the "whole story behind what's happening". I understand they have the right to not divulge said information, but I'd don't like being shut down on.

  6. It is very easy to snap out a response initially because of the 'instant' or near instant forms of communication now. We hear and see things so quickly it rarely gives us time to think much less how to react in a calm or rational manner. If you are communicating via computer/text etc we often don't know the tone and feelings are hurt with oftentimes unintentionally.

    If someone is doing something so morally reprehensible say hurting a child an old person or an animal I don't hold back. I also have trouble holding back on cheaters or on liars.

    I am glad you worked things out, and took the time to think things out. Differences of opinion are just that -differences.

  7. You hit the nail on the head and I think speak for most of us by saying this. I enjoyed this posting and we can all learn something from it.

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