Washi Tape Tealight Candle Makeover

Washi Tape decorated Tealight #candles perfect for #Spring! #crafts #DIY

Spring is coming, and I am perpetually doing things on a budget, so I have been looking for ways to add Spring touches to my home without spending a fortune. Tealight candles can be purchased for about 20 for a dollar at the Dollar Tree, but they aren’t very pretty or impressive. I scored some Washi tape on Christmas clearance at Target, even though very few of the patterns were actually Christmas related. I decided to take some of the more Spring looking Washi tape patterns and give my tealights a makeover. These Washi tape tealights are perfect for Spring and cost pennies to make!


Washi Tape in your choice of colors/patterns
Tea Light candles
Step 1: Gently wrap a length of Washi tape around the metal
holder of a tea light candle to measure the length you will need.
Step 2: Cut the length of Washi tape, and then cut it in half
down the center length wise if needed, so that there is no overhang on the
candle base. Our Washi tape was too thick for the metal base of the tea light
candles, so we cut it in half lengthwise so it would fit smoothly.
Step 3: Wrap the cut piece of Washi tape securely around the
metal base of the tea light candle.
Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 to wrap as many tea light candles
as you like. This is a simple and easy way to dress up those inexpensive tea
light candles.

washi tape tealight candles

How do you decorate or Spring on a budget?


  1. This is such a cute idea! Now I finally have a way to use all of those tea lights that I have laying around.

  2. What a great idea! I have a bunch of those sitting around and they always look so plain, washi tape makes everything pretty!

  3. They turned out so cute! I love that you don't need a tealight holder to hide the ugliness of the candles with the tape on them.

  4. How eye catching! I should do this for my daughter's Graduation Open House in the colors of her class!

  5. Ooh, genius! I have a ton of boring aluminum-covered tea lights and this would make them so much cuter. It's funny, the whole washi tape thing cracks me up as I just thought it was my daughter that liked fun decorative tape. I had no idea it was a whole craft phenomenon.

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