What Would You Do? – The Playground Version


A week or so ago, something happened at the playground of our local park and it has honestly been bothering me ever since. I thought I would see what others though of the situation. I am the first to admit when I am wrong, but in this case it really doesn’t feel like I am, but you know how some people have a way of making you think you are in the wrong when you aren’t? Yeah, it’s like that. So, I thought I would have a little What Would You Do? post, playground style.

{The Incident}

We decided to stop by the playground on our way home from having dinner out. As we pulled up, I noticed that there were several kids there as well as two men and two women who were standing in the playground. The one man had no shirt on, which is not abnormal in our neck of the woods. The one woman had just a bathing suit top on and some short shorts. She was kind of Pooh sized like me, so it was hard to miss. The woman was repeatedly attempting to do a handstand and the guys were helping to hold her legs up in the air. I figured they had been drinking, but as we walked into the playground they confirmed it as the one woman said “I’m so drunk.”

We just ignored them, as they were there with their kids. The boys played and all was well. While there, I noticed these people’s children climbing to the roof of the building on the playground equipment and doing other things that were not safe or okay, but I held my tongue because they weren’t my children. My youngest son Jase was playing with another boy unrelated to the group of people mentioned before and as children will do on the playground, they were definitely using their outside voices.

All of a sudden, the man without a shirt yells at the boys to “Stop all that damn screaming.” At first I thought he was talking to his kids, but then the woman said “Are those even our kids?” The man told her “I don’t care, they can stop all that damn screaming.” So, I immediately called the boys and told them it was time to go and I wouldn’t tolerate other people yelling at them for doing something children are supposed to do at a playground. The people acted like I was in the wrong saying “Have a nice day,” and “We didn’t yell at your children.” I just told the boys, that is not how we act in public.

So, am I wrong? What would you do if a stranger yelled at your children in public for doing something that was appropriate for where they were?


  1. My first inclination would be to tell them off, but it is so unsafe especially with them being drunk. You were probably right to get them out of the situation and keep them safe. People can be such big asses! it is amazing. I can't believe how rude people can be, especially, especially, especially when they are in the wrong.

  2. Oh, I definitely wanted to tell them off, especially as they kept talking as we walked off, but it would not have been a good example for the boys and probably not safe, as you mentioned.

  3. If God forbids something bad happens to those children then who would be responsible for such a big massacre?? I think people should avoid such foolish things which could cause some sort of physical damage. Of course, there is nothing heroic by showing off.

  4. I would have done the same thing and left. I don't do confrontation and agree you never know what would have happen if you did. Best to just leave and explain to your children how that is inappropriate behavior. Honestly I don't think they should have been a loud at a playground with children being drunk.

  5. you did the right thing and defused the situation. I however have a big mouth and don't put up with NO shix. So I would of went over and told him until he can clam that he gave birth to my children he better think twice before speaking to them like that. then as I walked away I would of called the police and said there are people drinking in the park and they would of gotten busted for public intoxication . and I would of giggled the whole way home. evil? or just?

  6. You handled it the only way you could have… you got your kids away from them, and let them know it wasn't acceptable behavior. You couldn't talk to anyone reasonably who is intoxicated anyway.

  7. You absolutely did the right thing as far as leaving and explaining the situation to your boys. I don't mind confrontation but will NOT do so in front of my children.

    I would have left sooner (the second I heard the woman announce she was so drunk) as I wouldn't want my children to witness any type of moronic or inappropriate behavior. I would have also called the police to let them know about the situation going on in a public park (alcohol consumption in public is illegal here in Las Vegas except when on the strip or downtown) and I would have also mentioned that these people had their children with them. That could have possibly saved them from a DUI scenario as well.

  8. I would have called 911 and reported them for child endangerment and public drunkenness. But that would be after I cussed them out for talking to my children.

  9. I'm not sure.. I definitely wouldn't want confrontation with an unstable person especially with my child.. that being said hubby is a hot head and would most likely flip out.

  10. I probably would have left sooner as I would have been uncomfortable … and I would have called the police about them being intoxicated in a public park. You did the right thing.

  11. I think what you did was best. Sometimes it's best to just remove yourself from the situation to save yourself unneeded stress. I would have said sorry about that and left. Doing so would show my daughter a good example in showing self-control as well as make the other people look really stupid 😛

  12. I would have called the police after we left for their public intoxication and potential child endangerment… I can't believe people these days!! Crazy!

  13. I think you did the right thing, I would have probably called the police on them being intoxicated.

  14. I think you did the right thing and I would have maybe called the police as well as they should not be there drunk.

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