When Someone at a Water Park Basically Calls You Fat

Yes, this really did happen this past Wednesday when I took the boys to the SunSplash water park in Mesa, AZ. I don’t think the woman meant any harm, but she basically indirectly called me fat and it really made me realize that even though I am on month 4 of the Shaklee 180 program, and even though I have been working really hard so far this month, I still have a long long way to go.

{The Incident}

So what happened that made me realize that I can’t give in to temptation, not only for a day? The boys and I were standing in line for one of the slides and the woman behind me asked where I had gotten me bathing suit. It was an innocent enough question so I told her, but mentioned that it was probably a year of two ago, so they wouldn’t likely still have it. She went on to explain that her “aunt had gained some weight, so something like that would be perfect for her.” Boy did I feel embarrassed and she must have too, because she pushed her daughter ahead and quickly boarded a  shorter slide with no wait without another word.

{My Progress This Month}

I am not going to speak in numbers, because when you are camping in a tent for weeks on end, a scale isn’t exactly something you have handy. I know I have lost weight though, or at least inches because my clothes are fitting better, and some are darn near falling off. I also know that I have not been snacking throughout the day because all we have is the food I buy and not a huge pantry or fridge full of snacks. I have not been having dessert either and I can only cook on serving of food per person on the portable grill, so no overindulging at dinner either.

I have been having a Shaklee bar for breakfast and making my Shaklee smoothees with my travel blender for lunch. They have been a great treat in the hot afternoon sun! We also walk at least 5 miles a day and some days as many as 10+ miles, so I know that I am getting my exercise in.

Sometimes, knowing how a total stranger views us is just what we need to wake up and realize how far we still have to go. My challenge to you? Get up and move! Even if it is just a few squats while you’re cooking dinner or folding laundry. The more active you are, the better you’ll feel!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as part of the Shaklee Corporation blogger program. I have received free products, online support and incentives for participating in the Shaklee Corporation blogger program. People following the weight-loss portion of the Shaklee 180™ Program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.


  1. That was such an inappropriate remark. I hope she didn't mean it to come off the way it did. You've been doing so well though, so keep on!

  2. Some people need a filter because she could have complimented on your swimsuit without the end remark she made. Keep going strong with your diet, you are doing great!!

  3. Keep in up! I'm sure she didn't mean it but I know it hurt just the same. May she get crabs the next time she uses a public bathroom. LOL

  4. Wow. Some people just don't realize that what they say, or how they say it, can come across as mean. My husband just yesterday said, "I hope he (the baby in my belly) gets your ears, nose and chin so that he'll look masculine." I told him, "Thanks, it's nice to know you think I look like a man!" Lol.

  5. Oh my, I am sorry. It's so hard sometimes dealing with weight loss because you can feel so good about progress and a tiny little comment can make or break it. I hope you realize that even if this comment hurt it is not something that will break you! You are doing an amazing job and will continue to do so as long as you believe in yourself.

  6. Oh gosh, I know how that feels. I have had a store clerk tell me to check the plus size section when I asked her where to find a plain black t-shirt. It stung. I'm sorry that happened to you.

  7. I seriously cannot believe this happened to you. How horrible:( I'm glad you got some good from it and you are more motivated more then ever!

  8. Just remember that weight loss is marathon. You've done well so far so keep up the good work. And screw what other people think!

  9. That woman must not have the ability to think … that comment was ridiculous. 🙁

  10. OMG what a rude comment! Do people not realize what they say before they say it?

  11. I'm glad that you are seeing some progress and it's amazing how rude people can be.

  12. Hugs. What's important is how you feel in your clothes. Hope things get better from here on out for you

  13. Boy, was she ever chewing on her shoe with that comment.

    I know very well how frustrating it can be, when you have made so much progress… but are still a ways from your goal. I just remind myself of the clothes I couldn't have even thought of fitting in before that are loose now.

  14. Yeah, some people need to just shut it. It's awesome when your clothes feel loose!

  15. Regardless if she meant to be rude or not, but some people need to think before they say things.

  16. Talk about insulting. She clearly didn't think before she spoke. I am overweight myself and try hard to not let things like that get to me.

  17. If only ignorance was paired with silence! You are working on yourself and taking part in your journey, do not allow anyone to steal your joy.

  18. Pffft. She should have been embarrassed, not you. I'm glad you turned it into a source of motivation though. Way to make lemonade out of lemons!

  19. Hugs 🙂 Some people need to think before they speak. I'm proud of you friend, you're sticking with this even when you could take the easy way out especially with your camping trip.

  20. Well, it sounds like you are doing awesome! Keep up the good work! As for the woman, some people truly have no tact. I'm like you, too, as far as her remark would just motivate me more. 🙂

  21. Some people really need to think before they speak~ Sorry about that. Your doing a great job though so keep up the good work.

  22. People can be hurtful at time, either directly or indirectly. Glad to hear that you are using her comment as motivation to stay on course of your weight loss journey. I'm also on that journey!

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