When You’re a Surrogate

Newest picture of healthy baby B!

When you are a surrogate you take on a couple’s hopes and dreams for a family. It is both an incredible honor and a huge responsibility. Sometimes, things don’t always go as planned though and then you take on that couple’s pain. My IF’s have walked down the transfer road 7 times now. This time with me was the first time they had actually had a positive outcome at the first ultrasound. We found out it was twins and we were all ecstatic.

Unfortunately, at my last ultrasound on Monday, we found out that Baby A did not make it. Baby B is still healthy and looking great, but the pain of having to call and tell them the news was heartbreaking and I couldn’t help but feel like I failed them somehow, although there is nothing I could have done. Surrogacy is an amazing thing that I am blessed to be able to do for someone else, but sometimes, it is a hard road to walk.

I want to thank everyone who continues to stop in here, even though my posting has been less than regular lately and hope to get back on track soon. Thank-you all for your support and here is hoping for a happy healthy rest of our journey.


  1. HUGS! You are giving an amazing gift. I'm so sorry about Baby A but I pray Baby B continues to grow and thrive.

  2. Many Hugs and Love and Blessings to you. You are giving them such an amazing gift. Will keep you and baby in my prayers.

  3. You are giving them such an AMAZING gift! I hope Baby B continues to remain healthy! Many blessings to you and the family you are helping!

  4. I am happy to hear that Baby B is still doing well! How hard that must have been for you!
    How did you get into surrogacy? It is something I have always wanted to do but I don't know how to go about it.

  5. Awwww. That must be so hard on the parents. But I'm praying that this baby remains strong and healthy till the end!

  6. Oh I am so so sorry. You are doing an awesome thing and I'll pray that Baby B continues to be strong and healthy.

  7. As difficult as it was to have to call them I'm sure they are still eternally grateful to you and knowing that they still have a blessing on the way has to have them over the moon.

    My best friend too experienced losing a twin they called it a vanishing twin but she still was ecstatically excited

  8. What you're doing is a beautiful thing. They're still receiving a blessing. It must have been very hard though 🙁

  9. I'm so sorry you had to hear the news and make the phone call to the parents. But like Courtney said, what you are doing is a beautiful thing.

  10. Big hugs to all of you and I am sorry for the loss of Bavy A. Prayers the rest of the pregnancy is uneventful.

  11. I had often thought about being a surrogate when I was younger and thought about how hard it would be but how rewarding. You are doing a great thing so stay positive and be well.

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