“Why Didn’t I Think of That?” – A Secret Timesaver Tool for Parenting

Being a parent is a demanding job, so there is paramount need to use your time wisely. We spend our time everyday making sure that our kids are on the right track. For that dream, we are willing to do anything in our power to help them succeed, meaning that we strive every day to fit their schedules into ours, just so we can watch them grow up and be someone in the future. More specifically, we’ve all had to sacrifice a part of our day in order to do something special for them on the side, such as accompanying them during fundraising, helping them sell lemonade, showing support at their competitions, or letting them know that they are what we live for. So if we want the best results for our efforts, why not go the whole nine yards?

Let’s think about it. What marks an event? What makes your fundraiser official? If you need to get the word out for a celebration, build up school spirit, persuade people to donate to your fundraiser, or simply make an event unforgettable, you need professionally-printed custom signage. Poster board and markers just can’t cut it sometimes. Professional custom signs lend legitimacy to anything you or your kids are doing, and give your cause priority over others. Whether you choose to use banners, yard signs, window clings, or car magnets, signs will save you time normally spent…say… going door-to-door to meet the fundraising quota. Also, having custom signs ready for your kid’s events (fundraiser or not) instantly adds value to the occasion, but even more importantly, having a banner made just for your kids will get them to remember that day forever.

At the end of the day, there are some things all parents want, but only some can get. Imagine your PTO fundraiser outperforming those of competing schools. Envision being able to promote your child’s scout troop wherever you go. Think of your child’s smile when you throw them a surprise birthday party. Be the parents who threw the best back to school party on the block. Dare to go above and beyond the crowd of normal parents. Be on the winning team with Signazon. They offer all sorts of fully customizable signs and ship anywhere in the US.

*This guest post brought to you by Signazon.


  1. It makes a HUGE difference in how you 'advertise' or display things. If it's just scribble on a neon poster board, less will be enticed to check it out.

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