Why Parents Go Gray

As a parent, we often find ourselves holding our breathe and praying that they survive childhood. Children have a way of naturally getting themselves into the most dangerous of situations. This year I finally came across my first gray hair. It took 12 years of motherhood to bring it on, but now I am sure the rest will come fast and furious. Why? Because of situations like the ones pictured below!

What do your kids do that turn you gray?


  1. Well….at least you have just a couple… if it weren't for Miss Clairol the whole top of my head would be gray!!
    I had a few b4 I got married, and a few more came along with the girls, but let me tell you they have come fast & furious since my oldest son came along, then add another 8 years later. Now that the older one has his permit, I doubt there are any more left to turn gray!! lol!!

  2. I have teenagers. Every time they go out on their own, I gain a few more gray hairs! I think the teen driving issue is one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with regarding raising kids. It's pretty scary sending them out without me.

  3. Mine are 21 & 24 and I still haven't stopped worrying about them.
    I just had a heart to heart with my oldest last night… he is heartbroken and his life is over. I want to hug him and kiss his booboo away.
    You've seen my photo, I'm just about all gray now.
    I cannot imagine how you do it with FOUR. Oy vey!

  4. My son is in a climbing stage and my grey hairs – which I got when I met my husband – are turning white!

  5. My 2yo was jumping on my bed, which is pretty high off the floor, and I nearly had a heart attack just thinking she was going to fall of the edge and break her neck. My kids are still so young and I'm already going gray!

  6. ROFL My daughter will be getting her learner's permit in a few weeks. I am already going gray just thinking about it…

  7. hahaha. yep. Girls over here. I am so happy about that. Although, I'm sure they'll give me some of these moments too

  8. Those are scary pics. Luckily my little lady is stunt woman ready yet and I pray she just enjoys are good book like me.

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