Wordless Wednesday – Eating Alligator in the Bayou

Pecan crusted alligator at Muriel’s in New Orleans. 


  1. You are brave! I saw on Facebook you said it was delicious – I'm sure it was but I'm not sure that I could get past the name before trying it!

  2. My husband had alligator fritters on our cruise the other day and wants to find some place that serves alligator here.

  3. I tried gator in Florida recently, and couldn't get through the first bite. The texture was too chewy for me.

  4. I hear it tastes like dried out chicken from the microwave its good you step out and try new things

  5. I typically don't eat any meat but chicken or turkey- BUT alligators are scary so I would probably eat them. lol

  6. It definitely didn't taste like dried out chicken from the microwave Tricia LOL. It was moist and only one little bite out of all of it was even really chewy.

    Jenn, it is a sweet pepper jelly sauce. The sweet of the sauce went really well with the savory of the gator.

  7. I'm pretty squeamish & don't eat much meat, but this I would probably nibble on a bit to try… if I liked it, it would be g.o.n.e. …lol

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