Wordless Wednesday – Fly Free Orange Bowling Ball!


  1. He probably knocked 3-4 down. He is just a tiny little peanut, but he refused to bowl the easy way and insisted on doing it like the grown ups. This was his first time bowling. LOL

  2. Wow, great action shot! Mine would be in the gutter, LOL! and my picture would be blurry!
    ~hugs! Faythe @GMT

  3. I see just the hint of a curve throw on that ball.
    Good that he stood a bit more to the right because I see that ball going a tad to the left before straightening out.
    He actually did wonderful compared to me at that age. I would have used two hands and rolled in from between my legs. Though that system worked for me and when I stopped using it that's when I stopped getting strikes.

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