Wordless Wednesday – Let Us In!

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Two of my goofy boys playing in the summer rainand acting like they are locked out.


  1. LOL Cute! I remember the days when playing in the rain was fun, now it just messes up my hair.

  2. lol! So cute! I can't remember the last time we played in the rain! Maybe next time we will! Happy WW!

  3. LOL! it is hot here & getting hotter… we've had our share of rain, but if it rains this week with this heat & humidity you may just see me at least sitting outside in it ( if the skeeters are not out!) Faythe @GrammyMousetails 😉

  4. Thats my kids favorite game…to pretend they are locked out and when I go to let them in…they take off running.

  5. I love the moments like this. That you can look back on the picture and smile.

    And I think you deserve some sort of medal for having 4 boys. Wow!

  6. LOL That is funny. My kids take turns actually coming in and locking the other kids out. It's hilarious to them but VERY annoying for me because of course they're quite loud about it LOL Cute pic!!

  7. They are too cute! I used to love playing in the rain when I was a kid…actually still do…

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