Wordless Wednesday – Look Mom, I have Tiny Hands!

Okay, so this is not entirely wordless as I think it requires some translation. My son spilled water on himself while I was lighting the grill for dinner. I told him to go inside and change and this is what he came out in (his oldest brother’s pajama pants)! He says to me “Look mom, I have tiny hands,” as he continued to run around and play in them for the next hour or so. LOL He is in a world all his own.


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  2. Mom- "Son give me a hand."
    Son- "No, I just have to stand.
    See, I can't.
    My hands have been gobbled up by brother's
    pajama pant."
    My hands are very tiny inside,
    so I can't help you even if I tried."
    Mom- "You are silly and how how you've been able
    to play like that for over an hour?
    Son- "Because these pajama bottoms give me big
    brother power."
    Mom- "I guess you'll not be able to eat if you
    your hands are missing."
    Son- "Yeah, and I'd never be able to do any
    Son- "Mom, I'm hungry and I want to eat,
    so I think I'll pull out my hands and let
    these pajama pants now disappear my feet."
    Mom- "Good idea son with smart brain,
    just don't jump around too goofy or you may
    cause it to rain."

  3. ROTFL!! Kids can entertain us for hours , if we just pay attention 😉 He sort of looks like a T-Rex, they have those tiny arms, in those dino PJs! LOL! Faythe @GrammyMousetails

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