Wordless Wednesday – This is Why You Don’t See Pictures of Matt

Ever wonder why I mention Matt, but you never see him on my blog? Yeah, this is why. He refuses to take a decent picture and always makes a goofy/serial killer face.


  1. LOL, Nice. My son does the same thing most of the time these days. I guess this means he won't outgrow it.

  2. This is something my Husband would do too although he will be series if he knows it is something I really want but if where out doing things with our son and I want him to do apicture he will not he claims its more fun to watch my son and I get ours so when Charlie grows up he is going to wonder if his dad ever did anything with him

  3. LOL Yes he pretty much acts like this all the time and he has unfortunately passed it along to the boys. I can still get them to take nice photos sometimes, but the silliness eventually shows through. 🙂

  4. Too funny. My husband and son do the same thing. In fact, I rarely mention the hubby anywhere online at his request.

  5. Well now you know Rachel. If you ever see someone making that face, you better run!

    No, I told him I was going to put it up and he just laughed.

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