Wordless Wednessday – Someone Has Glasses!!

It was pretty good odds that at least one of my children was going to end up needing glasses like their mom. My 7 year old got his cool blue glasses today and I think he looks adorable. Excuse the sauce from his Chinese food on his cheeks LOL I didn’t notice until the picture was uploaded.


    1. He looks like a real cutie in his glasses! My daughter (13) goes tomorrow (after school) to get fitted for contacts and glasses.

    2. Thanks ladies. I am just glad that for now he is excited about them and not upset. Today is his first day at school with them though. I just hope no one makes fun of him.

    3. Well, he made it through the whole day at school and no one made fun of him. He loves them and thinks they make him good in school, so I am all for the magic power of his new glasses!

    4. Awww! He's adorable. I think those frames are WAY cool! I think my boys are up against the same odds. The hubs has excellent vision 20/20 where as I without my lenses/glasses can't see beyond six inches in front of me! 🙂


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